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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Concourt: ‘Was Apartheid A Just War for Demographic Survival from Marxist ‘Swart Gevaar’’?

by Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

In a Constituional court order, dated 24 May, the Chief Justice issued new directions in the matter of The Citizen vs. McBride. The Order (PDF) by Ngcobo, Moseneke, Cameron, Froneman, Khampepe, Jafta, Mogoeng, Nkabinde, Skweyiya, van der Westhuizen and Yacoob, ordered that the Freedom of Expression Institute and the South African National Editors Forum be admitted as respectively second and third Amicus Curiae.

A second Further Directions order (PDF) from the Chief Justice, also dated 24 May, issued new filing instructions.

Prior to receipt of the aforementioned orders, Lara Johnstone/Andrea Muhrrteyn had submitted her Amicus Application, which subsequent to receipt of aforementioned orders providing for extention of time, has since been amended to an Unofficial Draft submission. The final draft now has to be submitted, by 08 June 2010.

The "final submission argument, shall remain the same, but with the additional time provided, will be further edited for clarity, to reduce length, & to include sub-arguments I did not have time to include in unofficial draft."

Excerpts of the Unofficial Draft, which can be read in full, along with all other submitted documents at: Concourt 23-10: First Amicus: Lara Johnstone, Radical Honesty, are as follows:


“Pressures resulting from unrestrained population growth put demands on the natural world that can overwhelm any efforts to achieve a sustainable future. If we are to halt the destruction of our environment, we must accept limits to that growth.”
-- World Scientists' Warning to Humanity, signed by 1600 senior scientists
from 70 countries, including 102 Nobel Prize laureates

Radical Honesty culture/religion was founded by Dr. Brad Blanton, and is founded upon the psychological and philosophical principles enunciated in his books Radical Honesty and Practicing Radical Honesty, also known as the Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract{21}. Dr. Blanton has a Ph.D degree in Psychology and has been a clinical psychologist in Washington DC for 25 years. He is the author of numerous Radical Honesty books, and the founder and currently the President and CEO of Radical Honesty Enterprises SparrowHawk Book Publishing, the founder and board member of the Center for Radical Honesty, a non-profit corporation; both dedicated to promoting honesty in the world. He was the ‘Honesty in Politics’ Candidate for Congress of the United States from Virginia in 2004 and 2006, and is the Pope of the Radical Honesty Futilitarian Church. Futilitarians believe that getting over being mad, or finding the capacity for sincere forgiveness, is absolutely necessary for both individual personal growth and cultural change.

Radical Honesty is a powerful process by which people make corrections in their minds distorted and partly conscious map of the world. We think that by sharing secret memories, thoughts, and models – by putting into the public domain among friends what had been hidden and defended—we have a chance to break free of the paradigm of limiting beliefs that we developed in the past. These are the racial, cultural, religious or political beliefs to which we have been emotionally attached; the ones our minds defend as though our beliefs are our identity, and hence we ourselves are threatened. Transcending our attachment to our beliefs is essential for us to contact reality about who we are, and want to be: the essence of our identity. But we do not give up our attachment to our beliefs, as the essence of our identity, without a lot of practice. Central to that practice is the process of getting mad and getting over being mad. There is great freedom in releasing the heavy load of two-faced pretence —and the uniquely distorted view of life made necessary by the vicissitudes of how we were raised; the demands to ‘be nice’, ‘polite’, ‘diplomatic’, ‘professional’. Not only is there freedom, but space is created for true intimacy with current friends and lovers, through forgiveness of begrudged caregivers from the past. To do that, we have to get mad at them and get over it by going through it with them. Getting free of the tyranny of the human mind is the first step in the process of becoming a creator. Creators change cultures and families from dysfunctional to functional. People who practice Radical Honesty refer to themselves as Futilitarians.

Ms. Lara Johnstone is a South African citizen, who has been a Futilitarian since 1999, who thinks that commitment to the practice of sincere forgiveness is of paramount importance for an individual to impartially observe the true reality of any given circumstance or event.

Radical Honesty is to Diplomatic or Polite or even Legal Honesty; what Diamonds are to Cubic Zirconia’s; what Original Coca Cola is to Coke Light; what Free Range Rump Steak is to MSG Cattle Farm steak; what Born Free Hunting is to Canned Lions Hunting. We fully acknowledge that Polite Honesty, legal Honesty or Diplomatic Honesty, and any other versions of diluted and enhanced honesty plausibly work for the individuals who practice that honesty. We also acknowledge that others – particularly those who make no effort whatsoever to determine our motives and practices and commitment to meaning what we say and saying what we mean, and refusing to pretend – may consider our honesty, blunt, rude, offensive.

We consequently support anyone and everyone to practice whatever form of Honesty works for them. We practice Radical undiluted, unvarnished Honesty because it works for us, not cause we are necessarily more righteous, morally pure or any such reasons, but for the simple reason that Practicing Radical Honesty works for us. We don’t need to remember who we are pretending to be with Tom, what story we told Tim; how to hide our true feelings from Joan; we are liberated from the prison of pretence.

Our focus with this Amici is to point out the following principle by means of the Radical Honesty Diamond Forgiveness, to TRC Zirconia Reconciliation analogy. To purchase a Zirconia, or Diamond, is anyone’s free choice, and although at first glance they may both look the same, there are significant differences between the two choices.

Applying the principles of TRC intellectual forgiveness to Radical Honesty Sensate Forgiveness, would be like applying the laws of Rugby to American Football. To anyone who has never jumped out of an aeroplane, the word ‘skydiving’ is an intellectual construct. To someone who has done a freefall from 40,000 feet, the word ‘skydive’ is a sensate existential experience. Radical Honesty forgiveness is a sensate existential experience in forgiveness, which experientially transforms the psychic existential identity meaning of ‘forgiveness’.

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I look for meaning
As if meaning were a thing
To be found somewhere in something
But my meaning is in what I think
Which means if what I think has any meaning
I better listen
-- Pila Hall, Out of My Mind: Disconcerting Meditations

The Amici submits that for reasons as stated in the Audi Alteram Partem Meaning of Commitment{22}-- and perhaps due to negligence of cultures of secrecy{23} and anger{24} – the best word to describe the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act behavior of many of its founding legislators, President and the members of its eventual Commission’s social contract{25} intentions{26}, actions{27}, and authoritative responses{28}, is unfortunately:
Hypocrisy n
  1. an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction [syn: lip service]
  2. insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have
  3. The act or practice of a hypocrite; a feigning to be what one is not, or to feel what one does not feel; a dissimulation, or a concealment of one's real character, disposition, or motives; especially, the assuming of false appearance of virtue or religion; a simulation of goodness. [1913 Webster]

If however, their intentions, actions and responses were intentional, it could be:
Fraud (Law) An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of obtaining some valuable thing or promise from another. [1913 Webster]

If so, the social contract is null and void, and instead of crying over spilt milk, perhaps we can find a few South Africans willing to Co-Create a Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract with Meaning & Commitment{29} to Truth?{30}

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I look for meaning
As if meaning were a thing
To be found somewhere in something
But my meaning is in what I think{1}
Which means if what I think has any meaning
I better listen
-- Pila Hall, Out of My Mind: Disconcerting Meditations

I appreciate the Chief Justice for granting me leave to submit this – my/our -- Radical Honesty (Futilitarian{2} / Lysistrata Tsedeq) Perspective to Interpretations of the National Unity and Reconciliation Act. I apologize for the length. The humour is not meant to offend, and is included for good reason. I have been working on the Amicus 16 + hours a day, since I was approved as an Amicus; and there is a huge amount of editing I have not been able to complete. My apologies. There was much additional information, I have not had time to include (see Authorities), let alone edit: from Sharpeville, to violent liberation vs. civil-disobedience political necessity{3}. I don’t doubt that many, if not most of combatants on all sides, believed with passionate conviction in the ‘justice’ of their military cause. I don’t doubt most lacked the skills for resolving their anger non-violently, and were used as political ideology{4} cannon-fodder{5}, founded on the ‘Right to Breed’{6} Legal Matrix{7}.

Herewith my Audi Alteram Partem Meaning of Commitment working hypotheses:
  1. All the Applicants, the Respondent, the other Amici, and all their lawyers Religious (object of their devotion{8}) Forgiveness Paradigm is that of Intellectual Forgiveness; i.e. they are not a Radical Honesty{9} Christian, Muslim or atheist.

  2. I submit that Radical Honesty Sensate Forgiveness is to their Intellectual Forgiveness, what Diamonds are to Cubic Zirconia’s;

  3. I submit that anyone who has not developed the capacity{10} to do what it takes to sincerely forgive other people, can't tell their story from reality, can't forgive themselves and are trapped in moral condemnation blame game story in their fragile-ego reactive minds.

  4. I submit that all the parties and their lawyers were educated in families and cultures of secrecy{11} that do not know how to handle anger, who require judges and lawyers, to resolve their complaints with each other, because they can’t handle expressing their anger to another face-to-face, with a commitment to sincere forgiveness, like honourable wo/men;

  5. I submit my guarantee (see point 6) to the Chief Justice that if the Applicants and Respondent, and their lawyers, and all the other Amici (FXI & SANEF) Applicants and all their lawyers, and any Judge/s from the Constitutional Court, not party to this matter, but interested in the Radical Honesty statements herein made, ALL attended an eight day Radical Honesty Course in Honesty and Forgiveness with Brad Blanton; the following would be the minimum achieved during such workshop, as a direct result of all parties learning skills to express their anger, and experience sincere sensate existential forgiveness:
    a. The Four Applicants, would admit they never sincerely forgave the Respondent during the TRC process, for his act of ‘murder’; and explain why one ‘murderer’ could be President, and another couldn’t be Chief of Police.{12}

    b. FXI and all SANEF Editors would admit: as a result of their lack of capacity to sincerely forgive, they cannot tell their story from reality, and hence practice selective ideological mobjustice endorsement for Freedom of Speech{13};

    c. Everyone will agree that SA Judges and Lawyers who can’t handle their anger financially exist to solve the problems of SA’s who can’t handle their anger (i.e. Blind Passive Aggressive lawyers leading the blind passive aggressive citizens); hence the majority of Judges and Lawyers have very little incentive to encourage themselves, or their citizen clients to learn to solve their problems by learning to handle their anger, and to find the capacity for sincere forgiveness;

    d. Everyone would agree that ‘the TRC was a fraudulent PR publicity stunt’{14};

    e. Everyone will agree that attending an Eight Day Radical Honesty Truth and Forgiveness Workshop with Brad Blanton was the most radical experience in truthtelling and forgiveness they have ever experienced in their entire lives, and we could use the eight day workshop to launch the Citizen McBride’s Tsedeq Truth and Forgiveness{15} Social Contract for South Africa;

  6. ‘Guarantee’: If after attending the Radical Honesty workshop, any of the aforementioned individuals disagree with any statement (5) (a) – (e); It shall be my Honourable Duty to:
    a. Give them an unequivocal and sincere Appreciation for their Honesty, and Apology before the Chief Justice and on the Court Record, on behalf of myself and my client;

    b. Request the Chief Justice to grant me – Andrea Muhrrteyn{16} -- permission to commit Russian Roulette{17} Deerhunter Sepuku{18}, since “To know and to act, are one and the same.”; as the meaning of my commitment to words in 5 (a) – (e).

  7. I finally submit Your Honour, that should any of the aforementioned individuals consider honour something they actually act upon in their actions towards another – and by that I mean, that their word is their word, their honour, and worthy of their life -- as opposed to just a nice little intellectual construct they now and then write about, in their newspapers, academic journals or legal briefs; I, and i, and we, and me would not at all be offended should any of aforementioned individuals dispute my, or our statements, and wish to take part in a Radical Honesty workshop, even if their sole intention is to prove me/us wrong.


» » [See PDF for footnotes]


I. Eve’s Seed Herstory: Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract (PDF)
  1. What does the Social Contract Mean to State and Citizen?
  2. Radical Honesty Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract Culture & Religion Principles
  3. An Eve’s-Seed – Hell Hath No Lebensraum Fury Like a Man Devalued – Reproductive Herstory Lesson

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V. Lysistrata Tsedeq Falsification of History & Freedom of Speech Trial (PDF)
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  4. 18 November 1972: US-USSR Cold War Memorandum of Understanding to Trade Biological Weapons, including the most advanced Cancer Viruses
  5. ‘Kaffir’ is Unlawful if Said to a Fragile-ego Politician in a Private SMS, even if Definition and Meaning are Legally Accurate
  6. 140 of SA Political, Media and Academic Elite Say ‘No Thanks’ to Rule-of-Law; and Endorse Political & Legal Persecution and Prosecution
  7. Dr. Truth: ‘TRC was a fraudulent PR publicity stunt’

» » [PDF File: Concourt 23-10: First Amicus: L Johnstone, Radical Honesty]
» » [Radical Honesty application admitted as Amicus Curiae in The Citizen vs. Robert McBride ]
» » [SA Media Conspiratorial ‘What Bleads, Leads’ role in SA’s Race War]
» » [‘TRC was a fraudulent PR publicity stunt’ to be heard in Constitutional Court!?]
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FLEUR-DE-LIS HUMINT :: F(x) Population Growth x F(x) Declining Resources = F(x) Resource Wars

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Human Farming: Story of Your Enslavement (13:10)
Unified Quest is the Army Chief of Staff's future study plan designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development... - as the world population grows, increased global competition for affordable finite resources, notably energy and rare earth materials, could fuel regional conflict. - water is the new oil. scarcity will confront regions at an accelerated pace in this decade.
US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
Human Farming Management: Fake Left v. Right (02:09)
ARMY STRATEGY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Office of Dep. Asst. of the Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health: Richard Murphy, Asst for Sustainability, 24 October 2006
2006: US Army Strategy for Environment
CIA & Pentagon: Overpopulation & Resource Wars [01] [02]
Peak NNR: Scarcity: Humanity’s Last Chapter: A Comprehensive Analysis of Nonrenewable Natural Resource (NNR) Scarcity’s Consequences, by Chris Clugston
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