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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Sixth Weapon ... Ethno-Cultural Warfare, by Pieter Oosthuizen

“Diabolical forces and powers have been implemented since at least 1541 to smother Protestantism worldwide. In all the Protestant countries small kernels of the Bible were changed to provide Protestantism with an achilles heel. This culminated into ethnocultural warfare, to accomplish communist terrorist aspirations in South Africa. Africa's traditional beliefs in occult witchcraft were combined with ethnic behaviours and psychology, into an ethnocultural warfare weapon, to exterminate Western ideals and Christianity from Africa.” -- South Africa: The March of the Antichrist since 1541, by Pieter Oosthuizen

[Afrikaans Original] “Diaboliese magte en kragte is al in 1541 aan die gang gesit om Protestantisme in die kiem te smoor. In al die Protestantse lande is kernelemente van die Bybel verander om ‘n achilleshiel in die Protestantse geloof te skep. Dit kulmineer uiteindelik in die vorming van etnokulturele oorlogvoering waarmee kommunistiese terreurdoelwitte in Suid Afrika bereik moet word. Afrika se tradisionele gelowe, toorkuns, okkulte, word saam met etniese gebruike en sielkunde in ‘n wapen saamgesnoer om die weste en Christendom uit Afrika, uit te wis.” -- Suid Afrika: Die Opmars van die Antichris sedert 1541, deur Pieter Oosthuizen

‘The myths and legends which were part of Africans traditional beliefs, were twisted by communism, to turn the traditional African Ancestral believer into a terrorist striving for communist goals. Daneel describes how the myths of the Zimbabwean hunter that killed a giant rhino was transformed into a new hunter that hunted Europeans, not with spears, but an AK 47’ -- Die Opmars van die Antichris sedert 1541, by Pieter Oosthuizen

The Sixth Weapon ... Ethno-Cultural Warfare

(Excerpt: The march of the Anti-Christ since 1541)

This is a rough translation from Afrikaans Original

by Pieter Oosthuizen
BA & B.Com Hons (RAU)
December 11, 2009

The Sixth Weapon of the ANC/SACP, including the development, and use thereof.

We have seen how communism developed the Fourth Weapon; Psychological Warfare. That was followed with the development of the Fifth Weapon; the ‘methodology’; whereby the first four weapons would be coordinated.

In South and Southern Africa, the communists within the ANC/SACP alliance with other terrorism organisations, for the first time in the world, developed the Sixth Weapon.

That being: for the first time the use of the occult spirit world itself; and Satan himself; to coordinate, and supplment the former five weapons.

For the first time in the worldwide struggle of communist terror groups against the West; there would be a new element; the occult spiritworld, as an additional weapon in the terrorists arsenal.

Here follows a short description of the content, as well as the method of the Sixth Weapon.

The traditional African beliefs were used to implement ethno-cultural warfare, or more accurately ethno-cultural terrorism; the Sixth Weapon. The witchdoctors and traditional leaders were used in the process to establish and implement the weapon.

Daneel (1991;197) describes how a total terror war was fought against whites and white leaders in Zimbabwe, with the support of witchdoctors, who acted as both spiritual interpreters and prophets.

Through the reciprocal support between the ANC and ZAPU, a parallel guerilla war was implemented in Southern Africa, which subsequently under the guidance of the ANC established the same characteristics. According to Nzo, lessons learnt in one countr, were applied in another country.

The Transformation of Traditional Beliefs in Zimbabwe, to the Sixth Weapon of Terrorism Movements

The Traditional African - beliefs in Zimbabwe.

Daneel describes in Zirrcon: Earthkeeping at the Grassroots in Zimbabwe the relationship between the living and the living dead of the Traditional African religions in Zimbabwe during the revolutionary war, as follows:
“Traditionally the chiefs and the spirit mediums, representing the official link between senior tribal ancestors and their living descendants, together wielded considerable political power. During the freedom struggle the spirit mediums were responsible for a renaissance of traditional religion: They conveyed the directives and inspirational messages of the senior 'guardians of the land' to both ZANLA high command in Mozambique and the fighters at the war front in Zimbabwe. These guardian spirits were believed to be united in a spirit war council, presided over by Mwari, the traditional high-god.

Thus all of Zimbabwe's spirit powers, via their spirit mediums, were directly involved, guiding the struggle and influencing guerilla tactics at the front.”

Here we see how for the first time the stunning arrival of terrorism organisations use of the occult spirit world as a weapon in their terrorism warfare against the West. Satan himself is directing the terror movements relationships, deeds, behaviour and statements.

The Demons and Satan himself:
  • managed terror organisations relationships;
  • delivered messages from one front to another;
  • warned of upcoming attacks from security forces;
  • decided on goals;
  • revealed escape routes;
  • warned against poisoned food;
  • warned against potential probelms on terror missions;
  • and enabled medical healing.

After one of the terror groups were almost poisoned by citizens who did not agree with them, a demon warned the warriors by means of a stormwind, that there was a problem with the food. Immediately thereafter a demon possessed woman walks out of the forest and scolds the terrorists for not listening to the warnings of the demons. As stated by Daneel (;47):
“That evening, at the foot of the mountains, an elderly woman walked into the fighters camp. She arrived unexpectedly, unannounced, and spirit possessed. From her frail body boomed the voice of Dumbukunyuka, famous Duma prophet of a century ago….”

“Thus the fighters in the field were inspired to keep up the struggle by messages from both Mwari and their mhondoro spirits.”

“He knew all about the ancestral messages sent to the fighters through animals and birds on different occasions, about when they had heeded or ignored these portents.”

Subsequently a description occurs of how Lydia Chabata, a spirit medium, wanders off to the water gods in the spirit world, to fetch medicine for terrorists:
“So possessed by Seri, the njuzu water spirit, she would be carried down into the murky depths where the potent njuzu spirit herbs and roots were to be found.”

“Enchanted by the sight of her njuzu spirit friends, Lydia willingly entered the water passage. Held firmly on both sides, she was swiftly propelled in the depths of the pool, into the njuzu spirit land. In a wink she emerged in the world of the water people, the spirits of the lower soil. As always the sky in the njuzu spirit land was pale blue. This world apparently eschewed darkness. Villages stretched as far as the eye could see. Lowing cattle betokened prosperity.

It was ‘n magic sight : the spirit people resembling ordinary humans, side by side with the water – beings; half human, half fish, half snake or crocodile. All had come for the festive rain dance.”

So the Occult world provides the medicine, from which the terrorists are healed.

A procession on their way to an occult ritual, to make contact with the spiritworld. Here the spiritmedium with followers are on their way to meet and make contact with the watergod and water spirits, the njuzu.

These spirits then provided medicine to the spiritmedium, from the spiritworld, with which she healed the terrorists.

By contacting and becoming possessed with the waterspirit, Seri; the spirit medium enters the spiritworld to find her medicine.

The end of the ANC, ZAPU and other terrorism movements ‘struggle for liberation’, would according to Nzo, in ‘The History and Development of Struggle Against the South African Apartheid Regime only occur once the struggle against Southern African colonialism was won; and the international struggle against imperialism was won. The terror movement would thus, according to Nzo, only occur when:
  • all the natural resources in Southern Africa belonged struggle movements;
  • international imperialism was slain;
  • colonial and neocolonial goverments and their international administration was overcome.

Daneel writes in Zirrcon : Earthkeeping at the Grassroots in Zimbabwe that his original research project was intended to determine which role both traditional religions and Christianity played in the liberation movement. According to Daneel:
‘the traditional spiritmediums, as well as the churches belonging to the African Independent Church, played a significant role in inspiring the terrorists, as well as mobilising massive support for the terrorists from the rural communities.’

The 'Christian' Belief in Zimbabwe.

Daneel describes in Zirrcon: Earthkeeping at the Grassroots in Zimbabwe the Christian churches as follows:
'Key figures in both religions – particularly the traditional spirit mediums and the African Independent Church prophets – had played an insufficiently recognized role in inspiring the guerilla fighters and in mobilizing massive peasant support for the struggle.'

Out of the African Independent Churches, flowed the Association of African Earthkeeping Churches(AAEC). The churches managed incredibly large networks of members during the revolutionary war. The profits of the churches:
  • took part in the liberation war;
  • helped the terrorists to cleanse the communities of witches or wizards (colleagues of the security forces, and traitors);
  • they fed and healed wounded terrorists;
  • they preached in the name of the Holy Ghost about enemy presence, movements; as well as determing the accomplishment of intended terror acts.

Voodoo priests have a good deal of scope in the design and furnishing of their altars and temples, sometimes even using Christian symbols, including the cross. A similar iconographical mix may be observed among voodoo cults in Brazil, Haiti and Cuba.

The Africa churches in Southern Africa, are purely sincretic in their nature. The Christian symbol, the Cross, is used above as a decoration for an occult temple, for traditional worship.

Also notice that in the context of the documents writings, about heathens as the breeding ground for the AntiChrist, the same sincretism occurs in Brazil, Haiti and Cuba.

Daneel (1991;18) describes in 'Heroe's Acre', the ceremony wherein dead terrorists are reburied, and where Zimbabwe's Mugabe was present, while referring to the role of the traditional healers, the witchdoctors, as follows:
“The tide of the liberation struggle started turning only when the populace, particularly the peasants in the operational area, began to support the fighters on a massive scale, largely due to the intervention of the traditional religious leaders, the masvikiro. Likewise Mugabe's personal rise to leadership – for all his charisma and unique qualities – rested squarely on the agreement between the people and the fighters.

“Our spirit guardians taught the vakomana the traditional code of their forefathers and how to observe it. Thus an effective guerilla strategy was devised under the watchful eyes of the ancestors.”

“In this coalition between fighters and populace, between the living and the living dead, lay the strength of the resistance to alien rule.”

“Many villagers did not understand or fully embrace the tenets of the Marxist – socialist philosophy preached by the fighters.”

Its interesting that the terror war in Southern Africa's power thus lay in the coaliation between the living, and the living dead; thus the elements of the spiritworld, Satan and his demons.

Here we see how the traditional African beliefs, were transformed through communism into a Sixth Weapon of Terror against Europeans, and also against all forms of colonial goverments.

In Zimbabwe there were two kinds of union organisation involved in the transformation of the traditional African beliefs into the Sixth Weapon; the spirit world, as terror weapon.

Both the philosophers, as well as religious academics, provided the traditional leaders, the witchdoctors, and the churches with the knowledge of how to transform normal ethno-cultural rituals and practices into ethno-cultural warfare tactics against whites, and the white goverment.

Daneel describes in Zirrcon: Earthkeeping at the Grassroots in Zimbabwe, that the:
“liberation vision of the Third World's philosophy and theology, needs to be expanded to not only include the emancipation of man from political oppression and poverty; but also the freedom from the creation of meaningless oppression.”

Daneel describes the workings of the ethno-cultural terror, as well as the relationship between the living and the living dead further, during the revolutionary war in Zimbabwe:
“Traditionally the chiefs and the spirit mediums, representing the official link between senior tribal ancestors and their living descendants, together wielded considerable political power. During the freedom struggle the mediums were responsible for a renaissance of traditional religion. They conveyed the directives and inspirational messages of the senior 'guardians of the land' to both ZANLA high command in Mozambique and the fighters at the war front in Zimbabwe. These guardian spirits were believed to be united in a spirit war council, presided over by Mwari, the traditional high- god. Thus all of Zimbabwe's spirit powers, via their spirit mediums, were directly involved, guiding the struggle and influencing guerilla tactics at the front.”

The ‘struggle theology’ which was preached by Prophets from the African Independent Churches to citizens of Zimbabwe, occurred in tandem with the ethno-cultural warfare that was waged by the traditional spiritmediums and witchdoctors, and which had been developed by communism's ‘beliefs’.

The ‘struggle theology’ that the ‘prophets’ preached was a twisted version of the theology of the Bible, and of the evangelism of Jesus Chris, through communism.

The preaching of the so called ‘struggle theology’ in Zimbabwe, had speedy devastating consequences for the people of Zimbabwe. Today the citizens of Zimbabwe live in worse circumstances than ever before; staring famine for millions of Zimbabweans in the face. Today, Zimbabweans are no longer working ‘slaves’ in Africa's foodbasket, but ‘free’ citizens who must beg for food, dependent on foreign aid, to survive.

The myths and legends which were part of Africans traditional beliefs, were twisted by communism, to turn the traditional African Ancestral believer into a terrorist striving for communist goals. At the same time the traditional believer believed that he was becoming a better disciple of his culture. Daneel describes how the myths of the Zimbabwean hunter that killed a giant rhino was transformed into a new hunter that hunted Europeans, not with spears, but an AK 47’.

The psyche of the masses in Southern Africa accordingly had to be altered before the black community would support the ‘liberation movement’. The weapons used to accomplish this psychological transformation were verbal and symbolic.

Brown (1963;9) writes that through speech comes the power to manipulate; and the ability to convince others without necessity of violence. In general psychological behavioural changes occur as a result of the implementation of psychological techniques; which is observable from the political indoctrination that occurs in totalitarian states.

In the following section we see how this psychological behavioural change occurs within the mind, and how terror warfare is indoctrinated into the ethnic groups cultural mythology:

  • Daneel ( ; 76) : 'His inspiration to propgate political change came from proud Rufura history. And he invested the wisdom of a lifetime in his grandsons, teaching them how to draw courage and motivation for the coming struggle from the ancestral past.'

  • Daneel ( ; 96) : 'In Gutu guerilla combat was still confined to the remote border areas, not to be experienced for almost a decade. When it eventually did come to the land of Chinamukutu and its neighbouring areas, the Gonese brothers were able to witness for themselves how accurately their grandfather had foretold the merging of revived ancestral religion with modern warfare.

  • Daneel ( ; 38) : 'Living with devout Catholic parents, it was easy to accept the pale white Christ on the cross as the saviour of all mankind. Even now that held true, notwithstanding the guerila war cry, “Pasi na Jesu, ! Pasi na Jesu ! “Down with Jesus! “ Should he have opposed them? No ! Chimurenga was the ancestral dawn, the birth of a new black identity built on old familiar foundations which the white man had branded evil.'

  • Daneel ( ; 62) : 'In the absence of church services at the front, these fighters communed regularly with the regional and national ancestors, and with their own. To many of them liberation included liberation from the white man's religion. Hence a renaissance of African religion and customary values was at the very heart of black nationalism in the armed struggle.'

Further Goals of the Southern African Terror Movements

The clarity which Nzo described about when liberation would be complete, was now expanded. Africa would now be required to be freed from the white man's religion, namely Christianity. The liberation of Africa would now only occur once:
  • all Africa's natural resources belonged to the black masses;
  • the worldwide struggle against Imperialism had been won;
  • colonial and neocolonial forces had been overcome;
  • Africa was liberated from the white man's religion;
  • Africa was liberated from Christianity;
  • Christianity accordingly was slain;
  • Political repression and poverty was exterminated;
  • The meaninglessness of the life was ended;
  • The rejuvenation of traditional African beliefs was complete;
  • The Tempel of communism was complete upon the ruines of Christians, Christianity, colonialists, and Europeans.

The traditional African religions are a combination of myths, legends and practices related to the Occult. The dawniing of the cold war between the East and the West, between primarily the West against Communism, and African demands for independence, occurred in the same time period. This provided Communism with an opportunity to aid Africa in its liberation ‘struggle.’

In the process the traditional beliefs were transformed into a method of ethnocultural terror, by the guerrila movements in Southern Africa. The terror was aimed at colonialists, and against white landowners, and particularly white farmers. In the process the Marxist perspective that property owners of land are the enemy, as they are responsible for all the evils of the workers oppression, were impregnated into the traditional belief structure of Africa.

Normal black people were intimidated by the national liberation movements to support the terrorist organisations, to ‘liberate’ Black Africa. In the process black Africans were also liberated of other things, such as their limbs, lives, ears and lips.

‘The ANC – ZAPU alliance large scale intimidation of normal members of the community in a bid to gather greater support.

It was accordingly clear why normal black people supported the terrorist movements -- not because they believed in them, but because their lives depended on their support.

The ANC ANC – ZAPU alliance also killed white children and missionaries.

Terror against farmers, and landowners, is the primary goal of the ANC -- ZAPU alliance.

Daneel ( ; 95) describes the central thoughts of the terrorists in Zimbabwe's obsession with land as follows :
'They were capable of inspiring their descendants to rise against the whites and fight for their lost lands. What Ignatius and Cosmas did not know at the time was that their grandfather's preoccupation with the ancestors was part of a country – wide religious renaissance. The rise of nationalism coincided with a resurgence of traditional religion.'

The ‘religious renaissance’ was not simply a rejection of Christianity, but an acceptance of a mixture of African beliefs incorporating Marxist-Leninist belief: communism.

Subsequently we see that the enemy of Marxism, those with property (or as they are referred to the bourgeouis), also become the enemies of nationalism, and African terrorists; with the final identification of farmers as the primary enemy of black Africans. The terrorists describe their joy with the murder of farmers in a song which goes as follows, according to Daneel ( ; 23) :
“Today we grieve for the fighters of Zimbabwe
Grieve ! You brothers and sisters
Grieve ! For the fighters of Zimbabwe,
The fighters were stricken, they were killed
by the mabunhu
We conquered, we shot
The mabunhu.

The fighters were bombed
They were killed by the mabunhu
We conquered, we shot
the mabunhu !

This song is a song of victory. Mabunhu means literally 'farmers'. This song simplifies the term to include the entire colonial system as well as the powers that were fighting against the terrorists.

But it identifies the primary and real enemy as white farmers, who stole their fertile land, at the cost of their black brothers.

Accordingly to Daneel ( ; 23) therefore the terror tactic of the ideolical concept that the land had to be liberated and rejuvenated; was used against the white communities, to accomplish the goal of retrieving their lost ground.

With this song all white farmers in Southern Africa were selected as the primary enemy that needed to be overcome, and the 'liberation' of farms was the primary objective of all the terror organisations. This flows with the ANC and ZAPU's communist beliefs that all property owners, are the source of evil worldwide.

The goals of the revolution accordingly are expanded to include the liberation of land, and specifically farms, required liberation. The specifical goals accordingly are as follows :
  • the destruction of the white regime and farmers;
  • the liberation of all natural resources and their transfer to black ownership;
  • the liberation of all land and transfer to black ownership;
  • the destruction of colonial and neocolonial management;
  • the destruction of worldwide imperialism;
  • stoping the needless use of natural resources;
  • total liberation from Christianity, and freedom for traditional religions in Southern Africa;

The belief of the forefathers blended with modern warfare, in what was experienced as a renaissance of traditional beliefs practices.

Africa clearly had a desire to break away from Christianity, or as they perceive it, the beliefs of white people, and to return to the occut rituals, practices and beliefs of their forefathers.

Jesus Christ, and Christianity had no meaning for Africa. Terrorists in Zimbabwe and Africa's warcry ‘Pasi na Jesu’: 'Down with Jesus!' confirms it.

For Christians the story of Zimbabwe is not unknown, but is similar to that of Israel, who decided to part ways with God, and demanded from God's prophet, Samuel, to be given an earthly King. The prophet Samuel, in accordance to God's instructions, gave the people of Israel an earthly king. Saul consequently became the people of Israel's first earthly King, as told in 1 Samuel 8. Saul also got involved in the Occult, and was subsequently rejected by God.

The public rejection of Christ, and the public acceptance of practices of Satan, in the ways of the Occult, allows Zimbabwe to live directly under the judgement of God.

The occult practices of traditional Africa, accordingly now become a weapon against:
  • die West
  • and more specifically against whites,
  • Christians;
  • Missionaries;
  • 'colonialists',
  • possessors of property,
  • the bourgeous,
  • farmers, and
  • capitalism in the whole of Southern Africa

We thus see in 1991 how a distinct community in Zimbabwe, directly mobilized the practices of the Occult to mobilize Satan, to overcome whites and white goverment with ethnocultural warfare. This ethno-cultural warfare occurred primarily in the Masvingo province, which stretches from Zimbabwe, through South Africa into Mozambique.

In Africa there was thus a coalition formed between the living and the living dead; the spiritworld; to wage war against whites, colonial goverments, and farmers, because farmers owned the property of their ancestors.

The results of the traditional beliefs in Zimbabwe.

How has God, responded to Zimbabwe, since 1991?:
  • In 2001, the province of Masvingo in Zimbabwe was washed away with the worst flood in decades. (It was this entire province that implemented the occult practices, and the area stretches from the Kruger National Park into Mozambique);
  • Mugabe turned against his former colleague in the terror war, Nkomo, and murdered approximately 50 000 Ndebeles, in Zimbabwe, by dropping them down mineshafts.
  • Zimbabwe currently has no food, no electricity, and petrol has dried up;
  • Zimbabweens are dying of hunger, while nobody offers much aid;
  • According to Beeld of 16 March, the spirits of the dead in Zimbabwe are after Mugabe's blood. Lightning bolts near his home, as well as aeroplanes that virtually crash, are signs that the spiritworld are angry with Mugabe. Mugabe has been warned by the most prominent spiritmedium in the Hurungwe-area, that his management style is upsetting the ancestors.

Both the traditional and the 'Christian' religions in Zimbabwe joined together to liberate Zimbabwe. Liberation occurred in 1980. Fifteen years after Zimbabwe's liberation, the picture in Zimbabwe looks as follows.

The net results of the 'liberation war' in Zimbabwe is according to Meredith (2005;624) the following :
  • campaigns against businesses with white owners;
  • campaigns against white farmers and farm workers;
  • corruption
  • destruction of political opponents, especially Zapu;
  • economic crisis;
  • the emigration of white citizens;
  • the destruction of the trust and goodwill between whites and blacks;
  • large scale emigration of all races out of the country;
  • disatisfaction with Mugabe's goverment;
  • dispossesion of white farms;
  • genocide in Matebelaland;
  • oppression of all opposition;
  • unemployment;
  • famine;
  • shortage of transportation fuel;
  • crisis with war veterans;
  • crisis with farmers;
  • uprising against the goverment;
  • Mass murder and slaughters by Mugabe and his 5th Brigade;

Pieter Oosthuizen received his BA Hons & B.Com Hons, from Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit (RAU) (currently Univ. of Johannesburg). His BA Honours Degree was in National Strategy, focussing on among others, Intelligence, Revolutionary Warfare, Threats and Containment, Strategy in the Nuclear Era, Logistical Warfare and Strategy of nations through the Ages. He is a permanent part-time chaplain at The Leeuwkop Correctional facility, where he ministers the gospel to the inmates in 5 prisons. Mr. Oosthuizen can be contacted via his Facebook webpage, or by email to:

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