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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ANC: VIP's of Violence (Documentary)

“Maybe the decision of the ANC youth cadres to take up witchhunting, was also based on the calculation, that party politics and revolutionary slogans would not be sufficient for mobilizing the population. Witchhunts on the other hand seemed to be a common cause for which one could expect broad-based support.” (1993:527) Isak Niehaus shows how witchcraft was politicised .. and how the ANC and other political groups used witchcraft beliefs to further their own agendas.
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“People’s war has two main facets, the political struggle and the military struggle, and together they constitute the hammer and the anvil between which all adversaries are crushed. In this kind of conflict, no distinction is drawn between combatants and civilians. Instead all individuals living within the arena of conflict are regarded as weapons of war (hence the term, ‘people’s war’). The people’s war has also contributed to South Africa’s plague of violent crime, if only because it turned policemen into targets of attack, loosened moral constraints, drew youngsters into heinous acts of violence, and flooded the country with illegal weapons, many of which have never been recovered.”-- Anthea Jeffery

“For once the techniques of ungovernability have been widely taught, that knowledge cannot be withdrawn. The genie cannot simply be put back inside the bottle.” -- Anthea Jeffery

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ANC: The VIP's of Violence


People’s War: New Light on the Struggle for South Africa; by Anthea Jeffery
Author of The Truth About the Truth Commission (PDF:379K)
ANC: VIP’s of Violence, is a British documentary made in 1987. It briefly documents how liberation movements had turned into terrorist organisations focussed on violent terrorist bombings, to attract national or international media attention to their causes. It documents how the terrorist organisations used similar slogans. Many of their atrocities are conducted with deliberate intent to attract media attention.

Nicholas Partridge, Presenter: “For the media, the more sensational the event, the more certain of high ratings. It makes no difference if the event was created simply to attract media attention. By such means extremist groups are able to publicize their causes, before world audiences. While more moderate groups are largely ignored. One of the growing number of countries plagued by terrorist atrocities, is South Africa. There the organisation principally responsible is the African National Congress. Its present leader is Oliver Tambo.

Rev. John Gogotya: “The moderate blacks were not selling the papers. We were presenting a non-violent strategy, that did not say ‘Burn, baby Burn’. A strategy that said people must come together and sit down around a negotiating table. And this is not sensational stuff; it does not sell the papers.

Ronald Reagan: “It’s a tragedy that most Americans only see the dead and bloody from South Africa of the terrorism, violence and repression. For behind the television pictures lies another truth. South Africa is a complex and diverse society, in a state of transition.”

Partridge: “In the course of our research, it has become abundantly clear, that the situation in South Africa is very different, in South Africa for example, than many in contemporary media orthodozy would have us believe.

Rev. John Gogotya: “We have seen allot of violence and allot of bloodshed in the past, and I would hate to see a South Africa built on violence and more bloodshed.”

Partridge: “The Rev. and Dr. John Gogotya is Director of a black self help organisation of 260,000 members. I asked him about the ANC’s role.”

Gogotya: “The ANC is not the authentic leader of the authentic voice of the black people in South Africa. It is one of the voice yes, and secondly the ANC does not represent the majority of blacks in South Africa. Unfortunately the Western Media and media, has made it that the ANC is the sole representative of black South Africa. It isn’t, it does not represent the majority of black South Africans. If it did, then there would have been no need for the ANC to embark on violence to win the hearts of the people, because they would have already won them.”

Partridge: “What is the true nature of this organisation? I asked Craig Williamson, a former South African Intelligence Officer, who spent ten years as a member of the South African Communist Party, working closely with the ANC, many of whose leaders, he came to know personally. ”

Craig Williamson: “The answer is that the ANC is a terrorist organisation, an international terrorist organisation, exactly the same as the IRA, the PLO, the Red Brigade, and the Baader Meinhof Gang. It is an organisation made up of people such as the Joe Slovo’s of the world , people who have been trained in the Soviet Union as international terrorists. Trained to carry out the most horrendous act of violence that I have ever seen in my life.

Beazly: “The comrades are probably a minority, but a very determined and ruthless minority. And they have decided by terrorism to impose their will on the black community. And in fact they have done so.

Gogotya: “The ANC strategy was to intimidate black moderate leaders. When the riots started and the violence escalated in the townships, the people who were targeted were all professional blacks, teachers, doctors, lawyers, black businessmen. This was the reason why most of the black businesses in the townships were burnt down. And only those blacks who decided to fall in line with them, had their businesses saved. Their strategdy of intimidate was such that to scare the other people into the fold of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and then the ANC laager.

Beazly: “If you are a city councillor in Sowetho you got killed, or you resigned. So there are no councils looking after the roads or doing anything.

Gogotya: “All moderates are targets. This has been said by the ANC themselves, that the black moderates should be eliminated so that they can make way for radical leadership. All of us are targets, we live in fear. We have to shunt around our children from school to school some times. We never travel the same road twice in the township. This is just normal for us. All of us, we know it just may happen anytime.

Beazly: “Now they are the ones who have invented the terror method of necklacing.

Reagan: “In this barbaric way of reprisal, a tyre is filled with kerosyne and gasoline and placed around the neck of an alleged collaborator and ignited. The victim may be a black policeman, a teacher, a soldier, a civil servant. It makes no difference. The atrocity is designed to terrorise blacks into ending all racial cooperation and to polarise South Africa as prelude to a final climactic struggle for power.”

Beazley: “Now Franklyn Sonn, who is the leader of the Cape Coloureds, the principal of a Polytechnic, an outstanding man, has said long before a simple thing, which I think just has to get into western skulls, and I think it has to get into Oliver Tambo’s skull. And that is, people who dance on charred corpses have nothing to offer South Africa, but what they are trying to do, or the people behind them are trying to do, because they are mostly ignorant high-school dropouts, is to stop anyone having any conversations to make any kind of settlement, with the South African goverment.

Partridge: “Even after the most preliminary examination of the facts, it is beyond reasonable doubt that the ANC is but one element in black South African politics. Many and various spokesmen for non-violent change were to be found. They speak with authority, reason and very great courage. They spoke to me at the risk of their lives. Dr. Lucy Mvubelo (Gen. Sec. Nat. Union Clothing Workers) is one of them. She has been active in the black trade union movement for more than 40 years, and is a former member of the ANC.

Mvubelo: “You know I am one person who believes that you can lose so much through violence. This is what I told one Dominee in Holland, when he said Violence should come to South Africa, and this generation should die and the new generation would be born and be free. I said No, black violence has never been beneficial to anybody.”


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