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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

M&G Press Code Violations: Re: “Mandela: Icon of Freedom & Forgiveness”

Letter to Mail and Guardian: Material Ommissions of Contrarion Perspectives for Fairness, Balance & Accuracy:
  1. Reality of Life for (a) Poor Blacks and (b) service delivery for all South Africans; under ‘National Party’s White Supremacy’ vs. ‘ANC’s Black Elite Corrupt Domination’
  2. Mandela and the ANC: Advocate’s for ‘non-racial democracy’ or Black Liberation Theology violence, with the goal of ‘Black Power’?
  3. Black Liberation Theology Doctrine: Extermination of White Culture & Whiteness
  4. Nelson Mandela was the Commander in Chief who chose to conduct the ANC & MK’s alleged ‘black liberation’ along the path of violence and terrorism; as opposed to the Just War path of Gandhian Nonviolent Civil Disobedience.
  5. Guilty of Sabotage; Judge President of Tvl. Division of the SA Supreme Court.
  6. Admitted to Ordering Terrorist Acts of Murder: Church Street Bombing.
  7. Black Liberation Theology: Necklacing as a Terror Tactic of Intimidation to coerce unwilling citizens to participate in the alleged ‘black liberation struggle’.
  8. Merging of African Ideal of Manhood & Black Liberation Theology: Slavery & Cannon Fodder Production
  9. Complaint to the Norwegian Nobel Committee: Withdraw SA’s Nobel Peace Prize Medals, from Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk & Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
  10. Respondent in Legal Prosecution and Persecution of White Refugee Complaint to High Court: Western Cape # 19663-09
  11. Respondent in Complaint to SA Human Rights Commission, for (a) Crimes against Humanity, (b) Crimes against the Peace & the (c) Crime of Apartheid.
  12. Summary and ‘Icon of Freedom and Forgiveness’ Questions:
Is ‘freedom’ from employment, freedom from honest and efficient goverment, freedom from rule of law competent and efficient police force; freedom from a border population policy that kept foreigners out of the country thereby saving South African jobs for South African citizens, really ‘freedom’; or just African Orwellian ‘freedom’?

11 February 2010

Mr. Keith Nichols & Mr. M. Burbidge
Mail & Guardian
P O Box 91667
Auckland Park, Jhb, 2006
Tel: (011) 250 7300 || Fax: (011) 250 7503
Tel: (021) 425 9028 || Fax: (021) 425 9056

Mail & Guardian Ombudsman:

Mr. Nichols & Burbidge,

Complaint: Intentional or negligent factually inaccurate & unbalanced M&G article: Mandela: Icon of Freedom and Forgiveness, February 8, 2010[1].
My personal perspectives to the duties and responsibilities of journalists are best expressed by US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black in New York Times Co. v United States (1971):
“The press are to serve the governed, not the governors…. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of goverment and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people …..”

In my telephone call to your offices, I called to enquire whether the article was published under editorial guidelines, and even if so, why it was such a blatant publication of biased opinion; misrepresenting and suppressing valid relevant and material facts, available to the Mail and Guardian.

As you are no doubt aware, but for clarity of communication purposes I shall repeat here, the South African Press Code[2]: “requires you to report the news, truthfully, accurately and fairly, in context and in a balanced manner, without any intentional or negligent departure from the facts by: (a) distortion, exaggeration or misrepresentation; (b) Material omissions; and (c) summarisation.”

Furthermore “only what may reasonably be true, having regard to the sources of the news, may be presented as fact, and such facts shall be published fairly with due regard to context and importance;” and “where a report is not based on facts or is founded on opinions, allegation, rumour or supposition, it shall be presented in such manner as to indicate this clearly.”

Your article: (a) is not accurate; (b) is unfair and unbalanced; (c) includes intentional or negligent departure of the facts by (i) distortion, exaggeration or misrepresentation; and(b) Material omissions; and (c) summarisation.

Material Omissions of Contrarion Perspectives for Fairness, Balance & Accuracy:

[1] Reality of Life for (a) Poor Blacks and (b) service delivery for all South Africans; under ‘National Party’s White Supremacy’ vs. ‘ANC’s Black Elite Corrupt Domination’:

Did you know that the life expectancy of black South Africans nearly equalled that of Europeans during the last decade of Apartheid? Did you know that the black population nearly trebled during Apartheid? Did you know that black South Africans had the highest per capita income and education levels in Africa during Apartheid?

At the start of the year 1900, the number of African South Africans was found to be 3,5-million according to the British colonial government census. By 1954, the African population had soared to 8,5-million -- and by 1990, there were a full 35-million.

In the decades prior to the official policy of apartheid, (which was started in 1948), the average life expectancy of African South Africans was only 38 years. However, during the last decade of the apartheid era from 1948 to 1994, the average life expectancy had risen to 64 years -- on a par with Europe's average life expectancy. Moreover, the infant death rates had by then also been reduced from 174 to 55 infant deaths per thousand, higher than Europe's, but considerably lower than the rest of the African continent's.

Why is the Transkei Collapsing?: An Open Letter from Cope’s Mbulelo Ncedana to Nelson Mandela [3]
I heard things I thought I'll never hear again; old people, with rheumy eyes, saying things were much better under the Bantustan government.

In our town of Umtata, the former capital and our pride, robots are forever not working because there's hardly any electricity most of the time; those that work are dysfunctional causing many to make accidents. As the results no one follows the traffic rules any longer.

Potholes are like dongas in the suburban areas. The twenty five litre plastic containers have become a necessary household material because the availability of water, in town, is arbitrary.

I ask what went wrong? During the time K.D. Mathandzima was the Prime Minister, and even during the military tenure of Bantu Holomisa, the town was very beautiful, fully maintained and clean. People had jobs. Then factories that created them closed down after 1994, because they were no longer subsidized and so could no longer cope with the competition from China, India, etc.

Here in South Africa (and this applies equally to the public and private sectors) dishonesty and incompetence are either rewarded or simply ignored. With a few exceptions, those who expose and confront the truth - and who try to uphold collective and personal accountability - are punished, marginalised and labelled.

When lying, cheating and conscious ineptitude become standard “governance” practice (whatever the “sector”), we are in deep crisis.

In conclusion, tata, I hope my letter does not upset you too much, but sometimes we need to take toll and assume responsibilities for our failures. We've failed our people. There's no other way of looking at it. I don't see the bunch that came after you doing things better, instead things seem to be going from bad to worse.

60% of South Africans: ‘Country Better Run under Apartheid’: ANC more corrupt, less trustworthy, less competent [4]

Most South Africans, both black and white, believe the country was better run under apartheid and say unemployment and crime are the government's top challenges, according to two new polls released this week (2002).

Overall, the polls showed that about 60 percent of South Africans felt the country was better run under apartheid, with both blacks and whites rating the current government less trustworthy, more corrupt, less able to enforce the law and less able to deliver government services than its white predecessor.

But black respondents were also beginning to wax nostalgic, with 20 percent now giving a positive rating to certain aspects of life under the apartheid regime, compared with 17 percent in 2000 and eight percent in 1995.

14 January 1999: HNP Jaap Marais’ Letter to Whitehouse [5]:
This is a picture of the country which under Verwoerd had the second highest economic growth rate in the world (7,9% per year), an average inflation rate of 2 per cent, was accommodating new labour in the formal sector at 73,6 per cent per year, and enabled the living standards of Blacks in the industrial sector to rise at 5,3 per cent per year as against those of Whites at 3,9 per cent per year. The Financial Mail published a special survey entitled “The fabulous years: 1961-66”. And as the previously mentioned Jan Botha wrote, Verwoerd “had launched the greatest programme of socio-economic upliftment for the non-Whites that South Africa had ever seen”.

This, Verwoerd achieved in the face of fierce diplomatic and economic opposition from the United States, Britain, Soviet Russia and others. Mandela, on the other hand, has the blessing and support of these powers, yet under his hand the country is disintegrating and has sunk to a state of lawlessness, joblessness and futurelessness unprecedented in South African history. Yet, Mandela is not struggling to emulate Verwoerd, but to denigrate him and his people.

[2] Mandela and the ANC: Advocate’s for ‘non-racial democracy’ or Black Liberation Theology violence, with the goal of ‘Black Power’?

Do Nelson Mandela’s Actions match his words? Does he practice what he preaches?
“During my lifetime, I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society ... It is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” – Nelson Mandela

Even though black South Africans under the White National Apartheid government had (a) the highest per capita income and education levels for Africans in Africa; (b) had the highest life expectancy for black Africans in African; and (c) the lowest infant mortality of Africans in Africa; Nelson Mandela considered it important to wage an extremely violent and terrorist ‘liberation struggle’ against this alleged ‘oppressive government’ which provided black Africans with better living standards than any other black government in Africa.

Even though poor black South Africans under the Black ANC government have (a) lower per capita income and educational levels than they did under the white apartheid government; (b) lower life expectancy than they did under apartheid goverment, and (c) higher infant mortality than they did under apartheid government, (d) have to compete with currently anything from 3 to six million African immigrants for jobs, and accordingly have massively higher unemployment rates, and poverty than during apartheid; Nelson Mandela has not considered such a massive reduction in their socio-economic status important enough to even launch a public debate ‘liberation struggle’ against the oppressive ANC black elite government of domination by a corrupt elite.

What has Nelson Mandela done to fight against the ANC’s coerced and forced integration policy of Black Elite Supremacy, wherein black Africans, under the black ANC government (a) no longer have the highest per capita income and education levels for Africans in Africa; (b) have experienced a drop in life expectancy from 64 years to below 50, (c) have experienced a significant increase in infant mortality; and (d) massive increases in unemployment due to among others illegal immigrants and massive corruption and looting of the public purse by the alleged ‘liberation struggle ANC’?

Has Nelson Mandela considered it worthy to fight the ANC elite’s black supremacy domination?

No. Even though the ANC treat black Africans worse than the ‘evil white Apartheid’ government, Nelson Mandela is not even willing to being a ‘liberation struggle’ debate about these issues, to express his dissent to the ANC elite’s black supremacy domination.

So, if Nelson Mandela’s and the ANC’s words about his and their commitment to fighting black domination are meaningless and insincere; are they simply the projection of a fake image, to hide their true fight, for black elite domination?

According to James. H. Cone and others, black liberation theology was the theological arm of black power seeking to relate the black struggle for freedom to the biblical claim regarding the justice of God. Black power itself was the political challenge to the non-violence preached by Martin Luther King. Decision making in favour of violence, was provided for within the tenets of black liberation theology.
“We are engaged in something too urgent to wait for the approbation of the West or those who would blindly follow western standards of acceptability and play western games using western rules.” -– Bishop Tutu, shortly after Pan-African Conference of Third World Theologians, December 17–24, 1977

Much of the Kairos Document[6] published in 1985, and allegedly initiated by Rev. Frank Chicane, which was founded on African and Black Liberation Theology principles, calls for, as the IFP said ‘the violence of the ANC’.

» » ANC: VIP’s of Violence [7]

» » ANC’s Camp Quatro: Mandela: Saint or Sinner [8]

» » People’s War: New Light on the Struggle for South Africa, by Anthea Jefferey [9]

» » Witchcraft and the State in South Africa, by Johannes Harnischfeger [10]

[3] Black Liberation Theology Doctrine: Extermination of White Culture & Whiteness:

Mandela at 85, by Anthony Sampson, July 18 to 24 2003, Mail & Guardian:
“When I get to heaven, the first thing I am going to do is look up the ANC branch.”

» » Youtube: Nelson Mandela singing about Killing Whites [11], shortly after his release from Prison on 11 February 1990 and before being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for his alleged commitment to ‘reconciliation’ with whites.

» » ANC: VIP’s of Violence [12]

» » ANC’s Camp Quatro: Mandela: Saint or Sinner [13]

» » People’s War: New Light on the Struggle for South Africa, by Anthea Jefferey [14]

» » Witchcraft and the State in South Africa, by Johannes Harnischfeger [15]

According to Black Liberation and Black Power, and A Black Theology of Liberation, by James H. Cone:
“The goal of black theology is the destruction of everything white.”

“We will not let whitey cool this one with his pious love ethic, but will seek to enhance our hostility, bringing it to its full manifestation.”

“It is a theology that confronts white society as the racist Antichrist, communicating to the oppressor that nothing will be spared in the fight for freedom.”

“The black experience is the feeling one has when attacking the enemy of black humanity by throwing a Molotov cocktail into a white-owned building and watching it go up in flames.”

“While it is true that blacks hate whites, black hatred is not racism.”

“(Black Theology) must… get down to the real issues at hand (“cutting throats” to use LeRoi Jones’s phrase) and not waste too much time discussing the legitimacy of religious language.

“There is no place in this war of liberation for nice white people who want to avoid taking sides and remain friends with both the racists and the Negro.”

» » Youtube: Obama’s Church and Black Liberation Theology [16], San Diego Teaparty

[4] Nelson Mandela was the Commander in Chief who chose to conduct the ANC & MK’s alleged ‘black liberation’ along the path of violence and terrorism; as opposed to the Just War path of Gandhian Nonviolent Civil Disobedience.

The six ‘Just War’ Principles are: (i) A Just Cause, (ii) Last Resort; (iii) Likelihood of Success; (iv) Proportionality; (v) Right Intentions; and (vi) Legitimate Authority. These are traditional legal principles applied to war settings in order to assess the legitimacy of the use of force.[17]

[5] Guilty of Sabotage; Judge President of Tvl. Division of the SA Supreme Court:

14 January 1999: HNP Jaap Marais’ Letter to Whitehouse [18]
Nelson Mandela was charged for acts of sabotage and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Judge President of the then Transvaal Division of the South African Supreme Court after a protacted hearing in which he had had representation and every opportunity to defend himself. He, however, refused to take the oath and testify, and could consequently not be taken under cross-examination. Finding him guilty, the Judge said that he had been wrongly charged for acts of sabotage instead of for treason, in which case the sentence would not have been imprisonment but the death penalty. The trial was attended by journalists, jurists and others from all over the world. None could find fault with the proceedings and the findings of the Court.

“The sentences pronounced by Judge De Wet at the close of the Rivonia trial are both wise and just.... The men found guilty had planned sabotage on a wide scale and had conspired for armed revolution. As the judge pointed out yesterday, the crime of which they were found guilty was really high treason. The death penalty would have been justified.” -- Then Liberal Rand Daily Mail, and supporter of the ANC.

[6] Admitted to Ordering Terrorist Acts of Murder: Church Street Bombing.

14 January 1999: HNP Jaap Marais’ Letter to Whitehouse [19]
In his auto-biography Long Walk to Freedom, he admits inter alia that he gave the order to plant the Church Street bomb during the 80's, which killed 11 innocent people and injured many more.

[7] Black Liberation Theology: Necklacing as a Terror Tactic of Intimidation to coerce unwilling citizens to participate in the alleged ‘black liberation struggle’.

“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.” - Winnie Mandela

Witchcraft and the State in South Africa, by Johannes Harnischfeger [20]:
In the past the respect of chiefs and elders had been based on their ability to protect the community from internal and external enemies. The young rebels now claimed to play exactly this role by taking up the persecution of witches. (Stadler 1996:88) Maybe their decision was also based on the calculation, that party politics and revolutionary slogans would not be sufficient for mobilizing the population. Witchhunts on the other hand seemed to be a common cause for which one could expect broad-based support. (Niehaus 1993:527)

The reasons for the excessive campaign of violence are disputed until today. Many observers assume, that accusations of witchcraft only served as a pretence to get rid of personal or political opponents. The report of the governmental commission for example argues: “many of the accusations of witchcraft had nothing to do with witchcraft (...) the revolutionary forces chose witchcraft and ritual killing to destabilise these communities”. (Ralushai 1996:269, 270)

In any case it is conspicuous, that political activists often determined high-handedly, who had to be treated as a witch. And even when the suspects were presented to a witch-doctor first, manipulations were occasionally observed. Some of the ritual experts later reported, that they had been forced to smell out witches, and in case they refused, they were allegedly threatened with death. (Ralushai 1996:49-50)

Distrust was also caused by the impression, that the campaign was directed from the background by ANC cadres. A commander of the ANC Youth League for example boasted publicly, that he could order or stop the homicides as he wished: “The witches think they are safe because I told my Comrades to stop burning them”. (quoted by Niehaus 1999:265)

Some analysts even assume, that a part of the political leadership did not even believe in witches, but merely exploited the superstitions of the population. (Minnaar 1998:185) The mass killings of elderly, mostly impoverished men and women would therefore be nothing but a cynically chosen instrument to achieve completely different political goals.

Necklacing refers to the practice of summary execution carried out by forcing a rubber tire (tyre), filled with gasoline, around a victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die, suffering severe burns in the process. The first recorded lethal lynching by necklacing took place in Uitenhage on 23 March 1985 when African National Congress (ANC) supporters killed a councillor who was suspected of being a collaborator. [Wiki]

Necklacing was frequently carried out in the name of the ANC. An example of necklacing was the case of a young girl Maki Skosana in July 1985: “Her body had been scorched by fire and some broken pieces of glass had been inserted into her vagina,” Moloko told the committee. [Wiki]

“During the years of struggle (...) it became practically impossible to speak or write of social difference other than the obvious differences of rich and poor, oppressor and opressed. Reference to other forms of difference — be they ‘cultural’, ‘social’, or, more especially, ‘ethnic’ — would be condemned as pandering to the purveyors of apartheid”. (Ashforth 1996:1189; McAllister and Sharp 1993)

South Africa: The War of Blacks Against Blacks, Time Magazine [21]

The most dangerous group is the militant youths known as the “comrades,” who have been responsible for much of the killing in the townships. Ranging in age from about 14 to 22, they are typically poor, uneducated and overflowing with rage. The primary object of their wrath is anyone suspected of collaborating with the government. The victim's “crime” can be trivial or wholly nonexistent. Even payment of rent for government-owned housing can be a capital offense.

So intimidating have the comrades become that in many parts of South Africa they can terrify township residents simply by holding up boxes of matches. When they are not carrying out spontaneous attacks, they may hold kangaroo “people's courts” that are designed to intimidate the public. In a typical court session, young toughs drag the accused forward, inform him or * her of the charges and then pronounce and execute the sentence. The outcome is never in doubt.

Thugs at the School Gates, by Mbulelo Ncedana, MPL; Cope Chairperson in the Western Cape [22]
I urge the communities to stand and reclaim their communities; let’s not it happen what happened in the early eighties when we were terrorised by thugs in the name of ‘the struggle’. Then people, from religious communities and civil ones eventually stood to up to say enough is enough, which what materialised as the United Democratic Movement (UDF). It looks what was necessary then has become so again.

If we say we are liberated we must rejected everything that comes with our oppression even when disguised as culture, custom, or political loyalty. For far too long our education system has been fragmented and politicised. For far too long we’ve been dominated, forced and compelled to be things we don’t really like in the name of one thing or the other. For far too long we’ve allowed fiddling politicians to use our public institutions for one idea over another, largely for political expediency. Enough is enough.

» » ANC: VIP’s of Violence [23]

[8] Merging of African Ideal of Manhood & Black Liberation Theology: Slavery & Cannon Fodder Production

Witchcraft and the State in South Africa, by Johannes Harnischfeger [4]:
“Especially evening assemblies girls had to attend as well: “They would come into the house and tell us we should go. They didn't ask your mother they just said ‘come let's go.’ You would just have to go with them. They would threaten you with their belts and ultimately you would think that if you refused, they would beat you. Our parents were afraid of them” (quoted by Delius 1996:189).”

All those opposing the wishes of the young men were reminded, that it was every woman’s obligation to give birth to new “soldiers”, in order to replace those warriors killed in the liberation struggle. The idiom of the adolescents referred to these patriotic efforts as “operation production”. Because of exactly this reason it was forbidden for the girls to use contraceptives. (Delius 1996:189; Niehaus 1999:250)

Mbeki’s Legacy, Not His Alone, by Meshack Mabogoane, the Secretary General of the Forum of Black Journalists [25] (PDF[26])
That South Africa has the highest Aids infection and death rates is neither altogether Mbeki's doing, nor coincidental. Legislation and other government-driven policies and programmes have engendered an environment that has escalated the pandemic. For example, the permissive pregnancy rules and social grants (especially for children) introduced by the Constitution and government have encouraged teenagers and unmarried women to have children on a large scale. The spread of Aids has been a consequence; the evidence is there for all to see. And so too there is a high correlation between this abnormal government-sponsored population explosion, on the one hand, and the deepening of the Aids crisis, of Malthusian poverty aggravation, moral degeneration and social disintegration on the other. This harvest of liberal democracy and ANC rule is now dubbed “the Mbeki legacy”.

The calamity facing South Africa is the doing of Parliament, the Constitutional Court and the Human Rights Commission far more than it is the product of Mbeki's denialism. Yet Mbeki is singled out merely because of his undoubtedly insensitive and irresponsible comments, while the entire government is off the hook for its deeds. No doubt Mbeki is central in this tragedy; Zackie Achmat is right to call for his impeachment. But the government, especially the departments of health, education and social development, stands accused of measures that have escalated Aids. There has been dereliction of duty that makes the government an accessory to this horrendous pandemic, a veritable crime against humanity.

Mbeki is gone, but the policies and programmes driving the Aids pandemic are still in place. The passing away of Dr HF Verwoerd did not mean the end of apartheid -- it was already codified. Not the man but the system needs to be removed and the environment reformed. This cannot be done unless the party and the constitutional framework that facilitates the spread of Aids are dealt with.

The crisis induced by the axing of Mbeki is an occasion to review liberal democracy and the Constitution -- that uneasy, syncretistic mixture of a hollow Westminster system and Soviet-like party dominance. It is time to explore and formulate a system that will vest power in people and not invest in the empty shells or Trojan horses that parties have become in Africa, including this country. A federal system, with constituency-based representation, would be appropriate for this diverse and complex land and it would free us from a cabal that is bent on retaining power for its own benefit, at the expense of the state and society.

[9] Complaint to the Norwegian Nobel Committee: Withdraw SA’s Nobel Peace Prize Medals, from Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk & Archbishop Desmond Tutu:

Notice of Legal and Political Request to: (I) Withdraw Nobel Peace Prize’s from Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, for (a) Intellectual Dishonesty & Hypocrisy; (b) Moral, Political and Religious Prostitution; and (c) ‘TRC-RSA’ Fraud and Betrayal; Accept Nobel Peace Prize Nominations for Dr. Albert Bartlett; Dr. Garret James Harden, and Dr. M. King Hubbert, for Intellectually Honest and Politically Honourable Ecologically Sustainable, Human Rights, Peace and Social Justice Advocacy.

PDF Evidentiary Documentation:
» » 06 June 2009: Complaint to Nobel Institute[27]; Proof of Service[28]
» » 06 June 2009: Enclosures, among others.:
» » 22 Sep 2009: Resubmitted to Norwegian Nobel Committee, c/o and via Royal Norwegian Consulate, Capetown, in High Court, W.Cape # 19963-09 Annexure [FF.01b]: Proof Service

[10] Respondent in Legal Prosecution and Persecution of White Refugee Complaint to High Court: Western Cape # 19663-09:

Nelson Mandela is cited as Respondent Eight in High Court Application for Review # 19963-09[34]:
[10] State of Effective Emergency: South Africa’s Unrepresented White Refugees: The Tyranny, Disorder, Crime and Corruption of the State, has effectively resulted in a state of anarchy, where fundamental rights of due process, natural law, administrative law, safety and security, etc have been effectively intentionally, deliberately and maliciously suspended, as a result of corruption, incompetence and indifference. South Africa is heading towards a socio-economic, political and military failed state of Zimbabwefication.

The Application is for Review of the States Legal Prosecution and Persecution of White Refugee Defendant, by the Plaintiff (Hon. Patricia de Lille) in the matter: State v. Johnstone: 5 charges of ‘Crimen Injuria’

As stated in 11 August 2009: Legal Argument: Facts Not In Dispute[35]:
At 15:23; 15:32 and 18:32 hrs, on 10 July 2007, the Defendant sent three SMS’s to the Plaintiff; for the attention of: (i) Mr. Thabo Mbeki, (ii) Mr. Bulelani Ngcuka, (iii) Mr. J.S. Selebi, (iv) Mr. B.M. Skosana, (v) Mr. Nelson Mandela, and (vi) Mrs. Patricia de Lille; all care of and via the Plaintiff , in her capacity of, Non Sub Judice Executive, Opposition Party;

Then, at 10:23 and 11:32 hrs on 16 July 2007, the Defendant sent two SMS’s to the Plaintiff; for the attention of (i) RSA Legislature; (ii) RSA Judiciary; (iii) RSA Executive Officials; all care of and via the Plaintiff , in her capacity of, Non Sub Judice Executive, Opposition Party

As stated in Legal Argument court proceedings on 12 August 2009: Application of Facts to Propositions of Law [40] [PDF[41] (excerpts):
The defendant is not a lawyer, and she requests that the court consider her legal argument, within the context of the following four quotes:

1. According to Professor David Skover, Professor of Law at Seattle University:
All law is interpretation. A lawyer uses words inherently imprecise, and when a law is applied to the fact ofa new situation what lawyers do is interpret the code words to deem them appropriately or inappropriately applied to the case at hand. To view the law means to understand interpretation. Law has more to do with Critical Literacy Studies than it probably has to do with anything else.

2. The following quote is from a Mail and Guardian article, by Mr. Sandile Memela, Unlike a Rose, "Kaffir" does not smell the same to Black and White:
The time may be right for a society that has been undergoing transition for the past 13 years to appreciate new methods of defining the meaning of words and understanding their use in blunt, intense and provocative public speech.

3. The following definition of Kaffir comes from Reading Islam: Professor Shabul Hameed, Head of Dept. of English, Farook College, Calicut University:
The word ‘Kaafir’ comes from the root verb, ‘Kafara’, which means “cover”. It was originally used before Islam, in the Arabic language to describe farmers, when they bury a seed in the ground, and cover it with soil in their planting process. Therefore, Kaafir implies from its root meaning “a person who hides or covers the truth,” or “someone who knows the truth, but conceals the truth.”

4. Finally, the following quote is from the South African Supreme Court of Appeal, Delange v. Costa:
Suppression of available information and ideas can be detrimental to the decision making process of individuals, corporations and governments. It may lead to the wrong goverment being elected, wrong policies adopted, wrong people appointed, corruption, dishonesty and incompetence not being exposed, etc. For this reason it is said that "freedom of expression constitutes one of the essential foundations of a democratic society, and a basic condition for its progress and the development of man.

In light of the aforementioned quotes, herewith the Defendants Legal Argument.

So, On 07 July 2007, Defendant submitted an urgent, time-sensitive legal document to the South African Government; c/o and via the Plaintiff, in her capacity as Non Sub Judice Executive, Opposition Party[42] informing, her co-accused, and the South African Government, that in the absence of any written objections from any South African Government Official or citizen, by noon on 18 July 2007; the unequivocal legal conclusions as to the Official South African Government Representation, in these matters, would be, as follows:

The Diplomatic Version:
The South African Government, South African Corporations, South African Non-Profit Organisations, South African media, and the South African people’s, sincere intention and unequivocal representation, in response to the AIDS IS A BLACK DEPOPULATION VIRUS evidentiary documentation, and Defendants’ actions in support of informing the South African Government and people thereof, is that they:

Fully and explicitly support the original intentions and motivations for the creation of AIDS, as a biological warfare depopulation virus of predominantly blacks, and sexually promiscuous individuals; and see no need, nor express any desire, for any JAG [LLE-Condor] Military Tribunals witnesses to disclose to the world, including those suffering from AIDS, of the Iatrogenic origins of AIDS, or the original motivations for the creation, and distribution, to predominantly African nations.

But what exactly does the aforementioned unequivocal Official Legal Diplomatic Representation of the Proudly South African Government and people mean, in plain blunt, intense and provocative English?

A Blunt Version Perspective:
“If Radical American, British, French and Russian Environmentalists and Eugenicists invented a disease to bring human population back to ecological sanity; it would be something like AIDS. We, the people of Proudly New South Africa, see AIDS not as a problem, but a necessary solution.”

An Intense Version Perspective:
“Yes, we black Africans are sex crazy! Yes, we black Africans are diseased! Yes, we black Africans spread the deadly HIV through uncontrolled heterosexual sex! In this regard, yes, black Africans are different from white Africans! Yes, we black African men abuse women and the girl-child with gay abandon! Yes!, among black Africans rape is endemic because of our culture! Yes, we black Africans believe that sleeping with young virgins will cure us of AIDS! Yes, as a result of all of this, we black Africans are threatened with destruction by the HIV/AIDS pandemic!”

A Provocative Version Perspective:
“We, the Proudly New South African Government and People consider AIDS, to be the Most Wonderful Black Depopulation Biological Warfare Invention Ever.”

An Insulting Version Perspective:
“AIDS is a 5* Kaffir Die B/W Depopulation Program. Best Invention since ‘Manhatten’, Usury, Rape and Torture”

What, or Who is a Kaffir; Do Kaffirs Exist?

If a “Kaffir” is someone who (i) knows and yet, conceals and hide the truth, or is (ii) of uncivilized manners -– i.e. sex crazy, spreads diseases through uncontrolled heterosexual sex, who abuses women and children with gay abandon, whose culture endorses rape of babies –- then anyone, of any ethnicity, who engages in such behaviour, should not feel insulted, if they are so described, or referred to!

It is time that South Africans confront reality, and admit: Kaffirs and Kaffir Lily’s; do exist!

High Court: Western Cape # 19963-09: PDF Evidentiary Documentation:
» » 22 September 2009: Notice of Intention: Application for Review[43]
» » 22 September 2009: Founding Affidavit: Lara Johnstone[44]
» » 22 September 2009: Supporting Expert Witness Affidavit: Dr. Leonard Horowitz[45]
» » 22 September 2009: Supporting Expert Witness Affidavit: Dr. Brad Blanton[46]
» » 22 September 2009: Proof of Service[47], and enclosures among others:
» » » [AA.01] Cape Bar: Pro Bono Committee: Impartial Record Keeping: Appeal Doc'n[48]
» » » [AA.01][a] Letter from NPA: Priority Crimes Litigation Unit: Adv. A. Ackerman[49]
» » » [AA.01][b] 08-12-28: Letter to Snr. Pros. Jacobs: S v. J: Incomplete Further Particulars[50]
» » » [AA.01][c] Proudly SA Parasite Hypocrisy: Fraudulent Rehabilitation Boomerang[51]
» » » [AA.01][c] Cover Letter to Judge JJ Fagan: Fraudulent Rehabilitation Boomerang[52]
» » » [AA.01][c] Letter from DA MP Mr. J. Selfe: Fraudulent Rehabilitation Boomerang[53]
» » » [AA.01][c] Response to Mr. Selfe: Fraudulent Rehabilitation Boomerang[54]
» » » [AA.01][d] Population Policy Common Sense: Truth & Forgiveness Social Contract[55]
» » » [AA.01][d] Population Policy Common Sense: Exp. Functions & Laws of Sustainability[56]
» » » [AA.01][e] Kaffir: Prevailing Norms of Society[57]
» » » [AA.01][f] Engineering Consenting Psychological Kaffirs [58]
» » » [AA.01][g] Is the African Ideal of Manhood a Kaffir Cultural Belief?[59]
» » » [CC.02] Civil Disobedience and the Necessity Defense, Pierce Law Review[60]
» » » [DD.03] Jurors Handbook: Citizens Guide to Jury Duty, Regents Law School[61]
» » » [FF.02][a] Why We Are White Refugees, Petition to Federal Court Justices, Canada[62]
» » » [FF.02][b] Murder in South Africa, by Robert McCafferty[63]
» » » [FF.02][c] SAPS: An Organisation on the Brink of Collapse, by Ivan Myers[64]
» » » [FF.02][g] SAIRR: SA Gov’s Disdainful Indifference to Concerns about Crime[65]
» » » [FF.02][h] Auditor-Generals Report 79% of 911 Calls are Abandoned[66]
» » » [FF.03][b] Min. of Citizenship, Canada: S African White Refugees[67]
» » » [FF.05] Great SA Land Scandal, by Dr. Phillip du Toit[68]
» » 13 October 2009: High Court Registrar: In Forma Pauperis Proceedings Referral[69]
» » 28 October 2009: HC-WC Registrar: In Forma Pauperis Proceedings and Condonation[70]
» » 28 October 2009: Cape Bar & Intn’l Bar Assoc: Pro Bono Committees: In Forma Pauperis[71]

[11] Respondent in Complaint to SA Human Rights Commission, for (a) Crimes against Humanity, (b) Crimes against the Peace & the (c) Crime of Apartheid:

On 22 September 2009, a complaint (WC-2009-0455BS) was filed with the South African Human Rights Commission, against various ANC and ‘struggle’ politicians, indicted for their intentional or negligent participation in legal prosecution and persecution of white refugee and: (a) crimes against humanity; (b) crimes against the peace; and (c) the crime of apartheid.

Nelson Mandela is cited as Respondent Six in this SA Human Rights Commission Complaint[72]

In the supporting affidavit of expert witness Brad Blanton, Ph.D. [73] he states, among others:
[6] I was a Candidate for Congress of the United States from Virginia in 2004 and 2006. I am the Pope of the Radical Honesty Futilitarian Church.

[7] Lara read one of my books, contacted me in 1999, attended some of my programs, worked for me briefly and has corresponded with me via email since then.

[8] Lara and I were arrested together while protesting campaign finance corruption in the Rotunda of the Capital Building in Washington DC in January of 2000. It was a non-violent protest and we were jailed for less than six hours. If you are interested, the story and purpose of that action, is in my report for the second time I was arrested for the same cause a month later. It is in my book co-authored with Neil Donald Walsch, Honest to God: A Change of Heart that can Change the World.

[9] Lara is pissed off about abusive lying and withholding authorities who get by, by withholding, secrecy and hiding what they do in the name of national security and so am I. I don't know if Lara would ever be violent or not, but she hasn't been so far as I've known her, about ten years.

[11] Lara has told me that she is the Defendant in criminal court proceedings, regarding Political Necessity/Civil Disobedience ‘crimen injuria’ text messages, she sent to some politicians, at 15:23; 15:32 and 18:32 hrs, on 10 July; and at 10:23 and 11:32 hrs on 16 July 2007; which are alleged to be ‘insults to the dignity’ of the Politicians.

[17] The State’s argument is that the Defendants civil disobedience acts, should be judged in terms of whether the man on the Clapham omnibus considers the defendants actions of civil disobedience ‘reasonable’ or not; and if unreasonable, accordingly ‘unlawful’.

[18] The Defendant argues that Stanley Milgram’s studies on Obedience, demonstrate that actions of civil disobedience, to perceived illegitimate authority, require certain emotional, psychological, legal and political skills and competencies that the man on the Clapham omnibus lack; and accordingly the reasonableness test to be applied is not that of the man on the Clapham omnibus, but the test of the ordinary skilled person exercising and professing to have that particular special skill.

[19] The Milgram experiment was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, which measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience.

Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View; By Stanley Milgram

[22] The Milgram experiment was designed to simulate the conditions in which Eichmann operated, and to determine how many individuals would – like Eichmann – follow orders and be obedient to the system in which they operated; and how many would practice civil disobedience and refuse to be obedient to perceived illegal authority. Milgram’s experiment revealed that a significant majority of the population – 65%, like Eichmanns millions of accomplices – merely follow orders, irrespective whether the orders violate their deepest moral beliefs; only 35 % possessed the skills and competencies for civil disobedience.

[23] Furthermore, when individuals could share the responsibility or blame, with just one other person, 92% of individuals would, like Eichmann, cooperate with authority; and refrain from civil disobedience; and only 8% possessed the skills and competencies for civil disobedience.

[30] Lara submits that any reasonable person, with 37% or 8% (Milgram speak) skills and competencies, would have asked themselves some of the following questions, in evaluating her Political Necessity and Radical Hon(our)sty ‘criminal acts’. I agree.

[31] To determine the reasonableness of Lara’s alleged criminal ‘civil disobedient’ act, individuals with the legal, political, etc. skills and competencies, would need to determine the reasonableness, or not, of Lara’s political necessity ‘Offer of Proof’ allegations, which motivated her ‘civil disobedient’ criminal act.

[32] To determine the reasonableness of Lara’s alleged criminal ‘civil disobedient’ Free Speech: Radical Hon(our)sty Cultural Religious act, individuals with the legal, political, etc. skills and competencies, would need to determine the reasonableness, or not, of Lara’s Radical Hon(our)sty Cultural Religious practice.

[33] As a ‘reasonable’ Radical Honesty Politician, Psychologist, Activist and Pope, I think that:
[A] The law Lara is being prosecuted for is ridiculous and dates back to a belief in curses from witch doctors.

[B] Even though Lara is, like me, crazy and always asking for trouble, she is being ridiculously prosecuted, and her defence is justified and accurate and her opinion that there is a significant difference between posed forgiveness and real forgiveness is entirely accurate and, so far, almost always avoided by politicians.

[C] This trouble Lara is making, is good trouble to make.

PDF Evidentiary Documentation:
» » 22 Sep 2009: Complaint, Indictment, Founding Affidavit & Proof of Service[74]
» » » Complaint to SAPS: Lille, for Perjury, Fraud & Persecution[75]
» » » Complaint to SAPS: Snr. Pros. Jacobs: Obstruction of Justice, Persecution & Corruption[76]
» » 22 September 2009: Supporting Expert Witness Affidavit: Dr. Leonard Horowitz[77]
» » 22 September 2009: Supporting Expert Witness Affidavit: Dr. Brad Blanton[78]

[12] Summary and ‘Icon of Freedom and Forgiveness’ Questions:

What Orwell Didn't Know: Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics; From Public Affairs

ANC South Africa’s courts and politicians (a) legally recognize black Zulu culture’s African Ideal of Manhood polygamy and cultural traditions of violence on animals being tortured to death; and (b) politically worships the ANC’s alleged ‘liberation struggle’ violence and coerced necklacing terror, torture of dissenters, and the destruction of private property and co-creation of ungovernability and anarchy as a ‘legally legitimate’ and ‘just’ struggle for alleged ‘freedom’, even though the end result of its terrorism and violence has benefited only a small corrupt ANC elite, and socio-economically disadvantaged millions; but (c) are legally indifferent to political prosecution and persecution of a white Boer citizen practicing an act of non-violent cultural Radical Honesty civil disobedience, in accordance with internationally recognized principles of international law.

ANC South African legislation and government driven policies and programmes engender an environment of permissive pregnancy and social grants for children that encourages teenagers and unmarried women to participate in an abnormal government-sponsored population explosion of Malthusian poverty aggravation and moral degeneration and social disintegration; while politically prosecuting and persecuting a white boer woman for her non-violent radical honesty civil disobedience criticism that such illegitimate and immoral legislation (a) significantly aggravates local resource war population pressures; (b) violates the laws required for future sustainability; and (c) accordingly appears to be the population policy results of psychological kaffirs ignorantly and blindly oppressed and subservient to an African Ideal of Manhood Kaffir Cultural Beliefs.

Animal Farm and 1984; By George Orwell

[1] What kind of judiciary legally prosecutes and persecutes a white Boer private citizen, practicing her culture of non-violent civil disobedience Radical Honesty Truth Telling for using the word ‘kaffir’ in a private conversation; while declining to prosecute the public acts on public television of one leader of a political party endorsing the killing of white citizens by singing a song about killing whites; and another leader of the same political party, endorsing ‘Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer”:
  • a Western democratic government founded on the constitution and rule of law, or
  • an Africanized ‘liberated of rule of law’ government pandering to a corrupt political elite?

[2] What kind of ‘liberation struggle’ results in those on behalf of whom it allegedly launched its violence and terror struggle, being significantly more socio-economically and psychologically oppressed and manipulated by deception by its ‘liberators’, subsequent to alleged ‘liberation’ has been achieved?

[3] What kind of ‘liberation struggle’:
  • liberates citizens of accountable rule of law government;
  • liberates citizens of immigration policies that implement strict border control immigration;
  • liberates millions of its citizens from socio-economic population and economic policies that provided them jobs, liberating them into unemployment and poverty;
  • liberates millions of its citizens from a competent and efficient rule of law police force, liberating them to status as victims of murder, torture and robbery by violent criminals;
  • liberates its young women and girls from values of morality that encourage committed and self-sufficient relationships with loving partners, prior to conception and procreation; liberating them into promiscuity, as participants in an abnormal government sponsored population explosion of poverty aggravation, moral disintegration and moral degeneration;
  • liberates its liberated black citizens to such a state of psychological insecurity and fragility of ego; that they are psychologically oppressed by an abstract word, such as ‘kaffir’;
  • liberates its liberated white citizens to such a state of paranoid political correctness, that they are so psychologically and politically petrified of being called a ‘racist’; they are willing to shred constitutional free speech principles and internationally recognized doctrines of civil disobedience law; to deny a white person who uses the word ‘kaffir’ in an act of non-violent cultural Radical Honesty civil disobedience, the right to due process, a legitimate defence, and a free and fair trail?

[4] What kind of leader demands that those he liberated, by means of terrorism and mob justice coercion, into poverty, homelessness, resource wars for employment opportunities with millions of foreigners and corrupt and malicious BEE and AA policies, victimized by criminals and government corruption crime syndicates, pretend that they have been ‘liberated’ into ‘freedom’?

[5] Is ‘freedom’ from employment, freedom from honest and efficient goverment, freedom from rule of law competent and efficient police force; freedom from a border population policy that kept foreigners out of the country thereby saving South African jobs for South African citizens, really ‘freedom’; or just African Orwellian ‘freedom’?

Respectfully Submitted,

Lara Johnstone
Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?
Why We Are White Refugees

To the future or to the past, to a time when thought, kindness, compassion and love is free -- to a time when truth exists and what has been done can be admitted, forgiven and learnt from.
From the age of uniformity, mindless breeding, deliberate ecological terrorism, political correctness paranoia, unconscious patriarchy, denial and ignorance;
From the age of psychological escape from freedoms truth: reality;
From the age of DoubleThink -- Greetings!

» » » » [Complaint to M&G PDF] » » [ZA: White Refugee]

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