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Monday, December 7, 2009

Will Africa for Africans Final Solution 2 Exterminate Whites from Africa Grossly Aggravate return of Slavery.Inc & Tribal Mob Justice, aka Xenophobia?

Will Africa for the Africans Final Solution to Exterminate Whites from Africa Grossly Aggravate the return of Slavery.Inc and Tribal Mob Justice, aka Xenophobia?

Africa for Africans: Exterminating White People from Africa (PDF):
In an interview with CNN in September 2009, Robert Mugabe once again stated his support for the Final Solution and Extermination of White Farmers from Zimbabwe, as the ‘best thing to have happened to an African nation.’

When asked how things could have gone so wrong, from liberation of Zimbabwe by ‘reconciliation with the whites’, Mugabe responded that everybody knew, ZANU-PF’s Land Reform Intentions, in regards to White Settlers.

Children as African Occult Cannon Fodder Child Soldiers

2008: Child Soldier Global Report: Zimbabwe’s Child Soldiers (PDF)
Children were reported to be most affected by the economic crisis in Zimbabwe. Chronic malnutrition affected a third of all children. The education system had almost stopped functioning, due to the general economic collapse, prohibitive fees for both government and private schools and lack of teachers, who were not only underpaid but were harassed and threatened by militias, including youth miltias.

“We are Zanu-PF’s “B” team. The army is the “A” team and we do the things the government does not want the “A” team to do.” -- ZA & Zim Youth militia Interviews

“It takes great wickedness for those in power to be prepared to sacrifice a whole generation, the youth of the nation, in order to maintain their own hold on power. The youth of Zimbabwe are being used, and abused, in a most cynical and calculating way by the very people entrusted with responsibility for their welfare.”

An Overview of Youth Militia Training and Activities in Zimbabwe, October 2000 – August 2003
by Solidarity Peace Trust (PDF)

An overview of youth militia training and activities in Zimbabwe, October 2000 – August 2003, by Solidarity Peace Trust (PDF)
“It was about vandalism… We were used to do the things the State does not want to do themselves. Then they can just say it was just the youths, not us”.

“We are Zanu-PF’s “B” team. The army is the “A” team and we do the things the government does not want the “A” team to do.”

“I had to beat them because they were selling their carvings by the roadside. They were attracting whites by doing this. As a result, they need to be beaten up so that they stop that. It was said that such people that have links with whites are MDC supporters. So they needed a beating so they could be stopped once and for all.”

“We got a lot of power. Our source of power was this encouragement we were getting, particularly from the police and others…. it was instilled in us that whenever we go out, we are free to do whatever we want and nobody was going to question that.”
-- Interviews with youth militia in Zimbabwe and South Africa

It takes great wickedness for those in power to be prepared to sacrifice a whole generation, the youth of the nation, in order to maintain their own hold on power. But that is precisely the wickedness revealed in this report. The youth of Zimbabwe are being used, and abused, in a most cynical and calculating way by the very people entrusted with responsibility for their welfare.

The national youth service training programme masquerades as a youth training scheme that imparts useful skills and patriotic values. As this well-documented report makes clear, nothing could be farther from the truth. The reality is a paramilitary training programme for Zimbabwe’s youth with the clear aim of inculcating blatantly antidemocratic, racist and xenophobic attitudes. The youth militias so created are used as instruments of the ruling party, to maintain their hold on power by whatever means necessary, including torture, rape, murder and arson. Having been thoroughly brain -washed, the youth militias are deployed to carry out whatever instructions they receive from their political commissars, on the understanding that they will never be called to account by this regime for any of their deeds. The report details the use of the militias by those who control them to carry forward the ZANU-PF political agenda in everything from manipulating election results to controlling the food distribution process to the party’s advantage. (Added Bold Emphasis)

Sexual abuse as a political tool: The April AI press release further documents reports of sexual abuse on a large scale. Amnesty International officials interviewed militia rape victims themselves, and also received documentation of rape and sexual abuse from human rights organisations, including Amani Trust and the Zimbabwe

Women Lawyers’ Association. The latter claimed that around 1,000 women were believed to be held in militia camps, for sexual purposes. In Masvingo, reports were received of farm workers being raped by militia while their husbands were forced to look on. In some instances, men were forced by militia to sodomise each other.

Africa for the Africans: Final Solution to Exterminate Whites from Africa: Return of Slavery.Inc and Tribal Mob Justice, aka Xenophobia.

Slavery would most certainly exist today in the same form that it did for more than a thousand years in the Arab and African world were it not for the Western Christian-based nations “imposing their values on Muslim lands” by doing their best to put an end to it. It was not Arabs, nor Africans who forcibly suppressed slavery in Zanzibar, but Christian Europeans.

There is not, and never has been, an abolition movement within Islamic and/or Occult practicing Africans; whose procreation religious practices endorse Phallic Male Dominance Manhood religious and cultural Slave and Cannon Fodder Breeding ideologies, with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity loving and responsible family planning procreation.

Scale of African Slavery Revealed (BBC/PDF)
The trafficking of human beings is a problem in every African country, says the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef). The report, which covers 53 African nations, says children are the biggest victims in what is a very complex phenomenon.

It describes how they are forced into slavery, recruited as child soldiers or sold into prostitution. In Africa, children are twice as likely to be trafficked as women.
Much of this trade in children often has the tacit collaboration of the victims' own families where it is seen not so much as criminal activity but as a way for a large family to boost its poor income.

There are no reliable figures for just how many people are trafficked in Africa, but it is likely to run into the millions.

Traditional Slavery in West Africa (Anti-Slavery Society) (Slavery Today)
The Society estimates that there are 8,000 girl-slaves — slaves in the fullest sense of the term — in West Africa today. These girls are hierodulic slaves, combining the roles of agricultural slave, domestic slave, temple slave and sex slave.

Originally offered as human sacrifice to ensure success in war, these girls are the helpless victims of a traditional form of slavery which has survived intact since the pre-colonial era. These slaves live in villages just a half-day’s journey inland from the very coast from which slaves were once shipped to the Americas.

Taken from their mothers from the age of four, these girls work from dawn to dusk in the fields. From the age of five they are beaten with canes or with specially-made wire whips. They are raped from as young as eight years old. Their masters, the voodoo priests, claim the traditional right of masters since the dawn of history to free sexual access to the slaves, and the girls are beaten into submission if they refuse.

The material in this report is based on a Mission to West Africa by the Society's Secretary-General.

The Modern West African Slave Trade (Anti Slavery Society)
Recently, we have seen the revival of the once thriving slave trade routes across West Africa, after a lapse of 25 years. Slavers have reappeared following the old slave trade routes, except that trucks, jeeps and modern four-wheel drive vehicles and, on occasions, aircraft, have replaced the camels. The slavers often carry mobile telephones.

Some things, however, have not changed. Cunning, deceit, the use of drugs to subdue the children and the whip still remain part of the essential equipment of the professional slaver.

The trade involves most states in sub-Saharan West Africa. The children are kidnapped or purchased for $20 - $70 each by slavers in poorer states, such as Benin and Togo, and sold into slavery in sex dens or as unpaid domestic servants for $350.00 each in wealthier oil-rich states, such as Nigeria and Gabon.

West Africa Slavery Still Widespread (BBC/PDF)
Human rights organisations say more than 40,000 people are still in slavery in Niger, though the government says this figure is exaggerated.

Most live in conditions little changed over centuries, forced to look after animals or domestic work such as cooking and cleaning without pay.

Born into an established slave caste, they inherit a status from their mothers that it is almost impossible to shake off.

Romana Cacchioli, Africa Programme Coordinator for Anti-Slavery International, says this form of slavery began centuries ago when North African Berbers and Arabs raided the settlements of black Africans to the south and enslaved them.

Ilguilas Weila, head of the local human rights group Timidria, said the situation in Niger had barely changed since the country announced that it was banning slavery.
“There has been a lack of political will,” he said. “The law was only passed for Westerners. It was a charm-offensive aimed at those who were asking why slavery had not been made illegal.”

No Return for Sudan’s Forgotten Slaves (BBC/PDF)
Some 8,000 people are believed to be living in slavery in Sudan, 200 years after Britain banned the Atlantic slave trade and 153 years after it also tried to abolish slavery in Sudan. But rows about money mean no-one is doing anything to free them.

In the same year that Mr Arol's family was kidnapped, Arek Anyiel Deng, aged about 10, was seized from her home, not far from Malualbai.

Arab militias rode in to her village on horseback, firing their guns. When the adults fled, the children and cattle were rounded up and made to walk north for five days before they were divided between members of the raiding party.

Slavery: Mauritania’s Best Kept Secret (BBC/PDF)
“My master is the father of my first child, my master's son is the father of my second child and my baby girl's father was my master's nephew”.

In this way says Boubakar Messaoud, “We have achieved what the American plantation owners dreamed of - the breeding of perfectly submissive slaves”.

It is difficult to know how many though. International human rights organisations such as Amnesty International are prevented from entering the country to conduct research.

“Not only has the government denied the existence of slavery and failed to respond to cases brought to its attention,” says Amnesty, “it has hampered the activities of organisations which are working on the issue, including by refusing to grant such organisations official recognition.”

Boubakar Messaoud and other members of SOS Slaves have been imprisoned and harassed by the authorities for their anti-slavery campaigning.

It seems the government has little interest in really wiping out slavery. Meanwhile slavery remains Mauritania's best kept open secret. “Everyone knew we were slaves,” said Mohamed. “It's a normal thing, to have slaves in Mauritania.”

Africa before Colonialism & Apartheid: Slavery.Inc Tribal Mob Justice

For a century before any evil Devil European purchased an African Slave, for the purposes of cheap labour; the Mohammadan Arabs had laid the foundation of slave procurement and trading, via Jihad.

Greedy African Tribal leaders, saddled with overpopulating African peasants, colliding with scarce African resources, breeding for revolt; had absolutely no qualms in selling off their overpopulating peasants as African slaves to Arab Slavery Entrepreneurs.

Slavery would most certainly exist today in the same form that it did for more than a thousand years in the Arab and African world were it not for the Western Christian-based nations “imposing their values on Muslim lands” by doing their best to put an end to it. It was not Arabs, nor Africans who forcibly suppressed slavery in Zanzibar, but Christian Europeans.

The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa (Amazon/Kalahari), by Dr. John Alebeleah Azumah

The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-religious Dialogue; By John Azumah [*Amazon**Kalahari*]

The success of Mohammed and Islam in deceiving, misinforming, deforming and contorting both history and reality over a period of almost 1400 years has been astounding. That is, until now.

The greatest tragedy about this particular subject is that most of the descendants of African slavery, the black people in the Americas, around the world, as well as among the African blacks, are totally ignorant of the actual facts.

Before we lose the concentration of our listeners, I would like to make the following statement and then prove it.

That the worst and most inhumane and diabolical institution of the black African slave trade was initiated, refined, perpetrated and implemented by the Mohammadan Arabs and later aided and abetted, by the black converts to Mohammadan Islam.

I predict that, as usual, the two subcultures, those of the denial of the facts, and those of political correctness, will attack us without once disproving a single statement and/or conclusion that we make.

Slavery was not created by the white races, because it has existed throughout human history and has been practiced by every tribe, civilisation and culture, racial group and religion. In fact, the very word slavery, has its root in the name slav, from the Slavic peoples of Europe who were subjugated, by other Europeans. It is not common knowledge that the Arabic word abd is synonymous with the meaning of slave. For example, Abdullah means literally the slave of Allah. In the language of the Arabs, all black people are called Abeed, plural for slaves.

While much has been written concerned the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, surprising little attention has been paid to the Islamic Slave Trade across the Sahara, Red Sea and Indian Ocean. While the European involvement in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade last for just over three centuries; the Arab involvement in the African Slave Trade, has lasted fourteen centuries. And in some parts of the Mohammadan world is still continuing to this day.

The birth of Mohammad and his Islam and its conquest, brought about the birth of institutionalized, systematized and religiously sanctioned slave trade on a massive and global scale.

In fact, the Quran allowed the taking of slaves as booty or reward for wars of aggression against any and all unbelievers (kaffirs), most of the human population.

This has led to an enormous number of so-called Holy Wars, Jihad in Arabic. There was and is absolutely nothing Holy about these wars, which are primarily to plunder, slaughter, rape and subjugate and rob other human beings of their wealth, produce, freedom and dignity.

Mohammadan Muslim States and Tribes attacked other Non-Muslim groups to achieve these objectives. Although Islamic Jurisprudence laid down regulations for the treatment of slaves, however incredible and heinous abuses have occurred throughout the history of Mohammadan Islam.

By the Middle Ages, the Arabic word abd was in general used to denote a black slave. While the word manluk referred to a white slave. Ibn Khaldun, 1332 to 1406, the pre-eminent Islamic Medieval Historian and social thinker wrote: “The negro nations are as a rule submissive to slavery, because they have attributes that are quite similar to dumb animals.”

It should also be noted that black slaves were castrated based on the assumption that blacks had an ungovernable sexual appetite. When the Fatimead Caliphate came to power in Egypt, the slaughtered all the tens of thousands of black military slaves, and raised an entirely new slave army. Some of these slaves were conscripted into the Army at age 10. From Persia to Egypt to Morocco, slave armies fro 30,000 to up to 250,000 became common place.

The Islamic Slave Trade took place across the Sahara Dessert, from the coast of the Red Sea, and from East Africa, across the Indian Ocean. The Trans Sahara Trade was conducted along six major slave routes.

Just in the 19th century for which we have more accurate records, 1.2 million slaves were brought across the Sahara Dessert, into the Middle East, as well as for a further 450,000 down the Red Sea and 442,000 from the East African coastal ports. That is a total of two million black slaves just in the 1800's. At least 8 million more were calculated to have died before reaching the Muslim slave markets.

A comparison of the Islamic Slave Trade to the American Slave Trade reveals some extremely interesting contrasts. While two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men; the proportions were reversed in the Islamic Slave Trade. Two women for every man were enslaved by the Muslims. While the mortality rate of slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of slaves dying in transit in the Trans Sahara and East African Slave Trade Market was a staggering 80 to 90%. While almost all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic were for agricultural work; most of the slaves destined for the Muslim Middle East were for sexual exploitation, as concubines, in harems and for military service. While many children were born to the slaves in the Americas, the millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the United States today; very few of the slaves that ended up in the Muslim Middle East survived. While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families; most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women, were killed at birth.
It is estimated that possibly as many as 11 million slaves were transported across the Atlantic; 95% of which went to South and Central America, mainly to Portuguese, French and Spanish possessions. Only 5% of the slaves ended up in what we call the United States today.

However a minimum of 28 million Africans, were enslaved in the Muslim Middle East. Since at least 80% of those captured by Muslim Slave Traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave markets, it is believed that the death toll from 1400 years of Arabic Slave Trading into Africa could have been as high as 112 million. When added to the number of those sold in the Slave Markets; the total number of African victims of the Trans Sahara and East African Slave Trade could be significantly higher than 114 million people.

What is obscene about this whole subject is the Mohammadan, Muslim and Arab culture of denial, regarding their complicity in the African slave trade; as well as the ignorance of black Muslims, about the reality of their past and present condition.

The statistics that we report about are based on log books based at the African slave ports, ship log books, traveller reports and eye-witness accounts, etc.

Dr. Azumah, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa

Source: Boycott 2010 World Cup PDF

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