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Friday, September 11, 2009

Titans to Lemmings: Suicide of White Race: V: Galloping Headstrong To Bondage

If you are a Doubtful Rainbow Illusion Whitey, who is clueless about how immigration and emigration issues are an ecological overshoot resource war symptom -- like much of crime, unemployment, terrorism, etc. -- of overpopulation colliding with scarce or depleting resources.
The massive overpopulation taking place in the non-White world will cause increasing waves of non-White immigration into the modern White heartlands of North America, Europe and Australia. This graph shows the disparity between White and non-White population growths, based on United Nations figures. Note the codeword for the White nations ("developed countries"), compared to the non-White world ("total world population").
You don't realise the consequence of liberal Immigration Policies:
By 1994, most European Union member states had an average 10 - 15 per cent non-White population, with this figure effectively doubling every fifteen years. This will mean that, unless current immigration trends are halted, all of Western Europe will have a non-White majority population by the year 2090 at the latest, and possibly earlier. These statistics are from the EU's own official records, Eurostat, in Belgium.
... you may wish to take Red Pill.....

Titans to Lemmings: Suicide of White Race

By Reconquista

  1. Selected For Extinction
  2. Halting The Tide
  3. Walking The Wheel
  4. Slaying David, Crippling Britannia
  5. Galloping Headstrong To Bondage
  6. Behind The Smiling Rainbow Mask

5. Galloping Headstrong To Bondage

One of the major issues being highlighted in this series of essays concerns the Marxist imposition of equality. Having intended to write this essay after part two, an essay which discussed how imposing artificial equality among and between the races flies in the face of Mother Nature, I will now discuss how imposing equality between the sexes has had a catastrophic effect upon Western societies. It is best read with the issues raised in part two in mind, I had intended it so but one or two more pressing matters meant the chronology was disrupted.

I think if I stated that if one were to observe Western societies with a neutral stance to assess how the enforced Multicultural social experiment is progressing, it would be difficult to assert that Multiculturalism is working. Despite being brow-beaten with the "we're all equal" mantra, clear differences continue to arise between races and cultures because reality stubbornly refuses to fall in line with this childish Liberal fantasy of equality of all in a tranquil rainbow Shangri-la.

Throughout the West, vast numbers of alien immigrants shun the culture of their host society, preferring instead to maintain their own languages, traditions and cultures and demanding ever more tolerance and acceptance of their way of life. Meanwhile, back in their lands of origin, their cultures and traditions are entirely persevered and in the case of the Middle East, alien cultures and traditions are strictly - and very forcibly - forbidden.

Making such an observation and also comparing the West with other societies, it is crystal clear that major differences exist between races and that the predominantly white West is behaving in ways that other societies - societies from where most immigrants to Britain originate - do not and this means that our own culture and our own traditions are now in decline, indeed one could honestly claim that we are well along the road to colonisation and this is a damning indictment on Multiculturalism and its supporters.

But what is not so easy to discern is how the imposition of equality between the sexes is playing a major part in causing a disastrous and ongoing collapse of the greatest civilisation ever created in human history. It is an imposition of superficial equality that has been as equally destructive as forcibly imposing equality between the races. It has happened once again by creating a "victim" group, in this case women, and championed by male-hating feminists, the imposition of equality between the sexes has severely handicapped the West and although some advances - much needed in my humble view - have been achieved, sexual equality has also unwittingly achieved an undesirable result of enslaving and oppressing Western women far more than they have ever been, not least because equality for all has a logical conclusion of leading women into a nightmare of oppression and slavery as I will now explain.

I assert that feminism is therefore self-destructive as all pursuits of illusions - in this case equality of the sexes - are. But before I continue, let me make clear that we are not talking about the worth of a person or even an infantile "one sex is better than the other" high-school debate but rather the differences inherent between the sexes as bestowed by Mother Nature and how these differences have played a part throughout human evolution.

Natural Born Leader

When we talk about equality in Multicultural societies, remember that we're talking about equality Marxist-style. Marxists loathe the strong and pity the weak and this is the inversion of morality explained throughout the series so far. The goal of Marxists is to weaken the strong and empower the weak and so, to impose equality between the sexes, the white male must therefore be weakened.

Human beings are dominant pack animals, they have evolved into the most dominant animal on planet earth without question. In the natural world, dominant pack animals have a strict pecking order, with the strongest male - the Alpha male - imposing his leadership. The role of the leader is to maintain the pack order, to establish and mark territory containing resources for the pack to survive and importantly, to defend the pack from attack. He will also face challenges from his pack for leadership and if he fails a challenge a new leader is established. As the male is the stronger of the sexes, females do not lead the pack, but will support the leader in maintaining order and defending the pack along with their natural role as bearer and nurturer of their young.

The goal of the pack is to survive, each day is a struggle to find food and it has to compete not just with packs of the same species, but other species as well for precious resources to survive. Dominant pack animals became dominant because of their success at competing and therefore surviving. From the leader through to the young, the role of each member of the pack is known and those who stray will be put in their place by the seniors or even the leader himself. It is the alpha male who will lead and place the interest of his pack first, its survival paramount.

This is an absolute fact for pack animals: Leadership must exist, there has to be a leader to organise the pack so its survival is ensured. Weak leaders are never respected in nature and this applies to humans too. All races have leaders and by logical extension, the strongest race will lead the weaker races. If it doesn't the weaker races will sense this and challenge for territory and dominance. That is what happens with dominant pack animals in nature - packs continually compete for territory and resources and the strongest packs will dominate. At this moment in history, the West - that is, the white race - is now acting against this because it is handicapping the strong and falsely elevating the weak and in doing so is establishing weak leaders with the result that the West - the territory - is now being invaded and conquered.

Feel Like A New Man

Traditionally, the roles of the sexes were quite clear: Man was the hunter, the breadwinner, the protector, the leader of the family, his pack, and woman was his supportive partner who bore his offspring, nurtured and raised them and made the home. Based on Judeo-Christian values, the nuclear family was at the heart of society and helped to make the West and especially Great Britain, such strong nations who advanced and therefore succeeded in the game of life, far better than any others.

Re-enforced by a strong work ethic, a sense of duty and of service to God and nation along with strict moral values, the man's role as provider for his pack from the fruits of his labour along with the woman's role as his wife and mother of their children was crucial to the family's survival and although life was harder back then, providing for his family gave a man an important purpose and a sense of pride and self-respect. For his wife, this would mean security to care for her family, and again, a sense of duty, purpose, service and fulfilment from being a mother and wife.

Contrast this, an albeit basic overview of how important family life along with clearly defined roles of the sexes was during Britain's golden era with what is happening today, where the roles of the sexes have changed dramatically and are now more about self-interest than family life.

Let's take men. Today's male in the main cuts a very different pack animal from his forefathers. In the Multicultural utopia, where the nuclear family has been all but trashed, many males are engaging in long-lasting childish or feminine behaviours such as the following which I seem to see on an almost daily basis wherever I go:

Adult males riding skateboards or roller-blading. Playing computer games night after night or watching TV for hours on end mindlessly lapping up the Multicultural propaganda spewed out by the deceitful media. Then there is the quite asinine mimicking of how blacks speak "lak is da cool fing mans innit" and males will even write in this retarded style. Modern man, sometimes referred to as "Metrosexual" will also be obsessed with appearance and fashion, from hair gel and facial scrub to designer labels and expensive after shave, men have adopted feminine attitudes to personal grooming and preen before mirrors as though they were beauty queens. Style over substance is now key and many young men will have no qualms about piling up debt to boost their image, flash cars being perhaps the most obvious example.

And we've not even mentioned the rise and rise of homosexuality.

Excessive drinking and drug-taking further anaesthetise the minds of many young British males. From smoking weed to dropping ecstasy from heroin to cocaine, drug taking is rife and to be fair, Western women are also joining in the "fun", there's equality for you! Shamefully, the West is awash with hardcore pornography, many men - and to be fair, women too - will watch this base "adult entertainment" every day.

That there is nothing "adult" about it matters not a jot in the Liberal "we tolerate everything" world. Watching consenting adults sexually debase themselves with beautiful girls performing a variety of sexually explicit and extreme acts is surely not what a mature adult considers entertainment? It is degenerate behaviour, a sign of a morally bankrupt and deteriorating society yet "open-minded" Liberals will claim porn flicks are evidence of "a celebration of sexuality because women can now freely express and share their sexuality and can now fully enjoy sex as equally as men without fear or guilt."

Can I humbly ask: Is porn and the glorification of what should be private acts really a sign of progress for women? And is porn evidence of a progressive society based on equality of the sexes?

You tell me.

Addicted to depravity, booze and narcotics and constantly manipulated by the Marxist controlled media, an awareness of how important territory is and how important it is to ensure freedom is the precious gift you need to preserve for future generations is virtually non-existent.

The modern Western male is Multiculturalist, he has abandoned the Judeo-Christian values that shaped the mighty West, is in the main anti-war and is meekly surrendering territory to invaders rather than defend it and in so-doing, bargains away freedom and robs it from future generations to enjoy a secure life. Football also provides an insight into how confused modern males now are. There's the childish and asinine chants directed at the opposition, e.g. "You're scum and you know you are", including abusing the officials, the players and staff of opposition teams including abusing them for their physical appearance which will often then escalate into mindless violence between rival supporters. Yet these same mature wise men will become apoplectic with rage should anyone dare criticise other races or even other faiths especially Islam and again resort to violence amid hysterical cries of "Racist". Point out that football supporters behave in this way towards each other and they will explain fierce hate-filled football rivalries as "it's territorial" or "it's tribal" totally oblivious to the colonisation of their nation in a war which is most definitely "territorial" and certainly "tribal" and with a far greater price at stake.

I find it odd that many males will display such misguided passion for their football team but have zero passion or patriotism for their own nation. Football is nothing in the grand scale of things, it is now an entertainment business, a money generating scheme for the rich elite that wouldn't make a difference to life if it ended tomorrow. But your nation, your territory, is everything, it is crucial to your survival and the survival of your family, your children and your children's children yet many childish men regard football as being far more important to their lives.

This is not conjecture by the way, I've tried to debate and explain Islam to my fellow supporters on several football forums and I have been banned from all of them and vilified as a...well, insert your favourite well-worn smear for those who dare speak the truth about Islam here, I've been on the receiving end of all of them and not just on football forums either. However, I watch with interest the British Defence Leagues that have arose from various football "firms" as they protest against the Islamisation of Britain.

While Western men ogle their porn, quaff their beers, smoke their pot, fret over their wardrobes, gel their blow-waved hair and spend hours aimlessly zapping aliens, armies of alien males filled with hate and a steely resolve to conquer the West amass on our territory. Whilst men of other races still lead their packs and prepare for war against us to claim more territory and more resources, the Liberal-Multicultural Western male is preparing his "partner's" dinner, fretting about how he can be more tolerant, smugly priding himself with the knowledge that he isn't "racist" or "misogynist" or "homophobic".

That enemies are now in our territory preparing to conquer us isn't just the fault of the modern metrosexual male. Because the fairer sex has also changed and has contributed enormously to the current plight the West is now in.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

The progression of feminism throughout the 20th Century to the present has presented a challenge to the Western male which quite frankly he has continually refused to rise to. What began as a struggle to give women the vote gradually morphed into a struggle to establish women as the equals of men - employment, property rights, education, marital rights, sexual freedoms and legal status.

Having secured a victory to end women's suffrage, feminists then moved onto the next issue, then the next issue, then the next, continually citing "inequality" and "oppression" and demonising their menfolk as "enslavers" at each step of the way, demanding equality at all levels presenting a determined challenge to male leadership.

Each victory spurred on feminists to the next. Except true equality isn't the goal, the goal is leadership and that is now exactly what is happening. Pack animals must have leaders and women are now challenging for this role but they have to be aided in their quest.

Equality of the sexes doesn't exist and cannot exist. To artificially establish equality in the Multicultural Shangri-la, the strong must be unfairly penalised which is camouflaged by the Orwellian phrase "Positive discrimination". This is happening right now to the Western - British - male. Companies are forced by law to employ people based on sex or colour meaning that the best candidate cannot be selected if it means legal quotas of ethnic minorities or women will not be met.

Conversely, check out which sex does most of the fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. No rush to establish quotas there on the violent blood soaked battlefields of course and this is not a flippant remark, in fact the reason underpins this entire essay.

Feminists have also trashed completely the traditional role of wife and mother whilst at the same time elevating the virtues of work and encouraging a fiercely competitive "we're independent, we don't need men, we can do everything for ourselves and we can do it just as well if not better". Inspired by cultural Marxism, feminists have demanded the right to sexual freedom, the right to end marriages and claim half of the man's wealth as part of divorce and usually, custody of the children will be awarded to the mother and all of this places a wholly unequal burden of risk on the male as well as making marriage a not too attractive prospect for either sex for very different reasons. The divorce rate is sky-high and this doesn't account for the thousands and thousands of couples who live together only to part company before even a year has passed.

Greater sexual freedoms have also resulted in women now having the right to kill their babies under the "right to choose" abortion laws and liberal attitudes to sex, along with the widespread availability of pornography, results in promiscuity being promoted as being a healthy lifestyle choice with a strong emphasis on pleasure and self-gratification.

The rise in single parent families resulting from liberal attitudes to sex has brought about the quite ridiculous and, in my humble opinion, demeaning spectacle of a woman having as many children as she pleases and demanding the state step in and act as surrogate father to provide food and shelter. With the father - or now in many cases, fathers - absent from the home, children are raised with only a female authority figure without strong discipline or a masculine influence.

By trashing the role of wife and mother within the nuclear family, and elevating the values of work and female independence instead, feminists have so transformed the role of women in the pursuit to establish themselves as pack leaders that many women simply don't have enough time or even the desire to reproduce and the birth-rate in Western societies is now so low it may be impossible for the West to recover and reproduce itself sufficiently to maintain its survival and you can bet your last penny that our enemies who absolutely despise us and are chomping at the bit to conquer us will have noticed this and they'll know that victory will soon be theirs.

But a more pressing issue to consider is that with such a catastrophically low birth-rate, there will be less strong males to protect the pack from attack and right now the West is under attack from a variety of other packs, packs whose birth-rates are far higher, where the males are dominant pack leaders, packs whose goal is to conquer our territory and subjugate us or even annihilate us.

Taking The Bait

My contention is that what started out as a perfectly just fight to end suffrage has morphed not just into a battle for equality but outright hatred for the white male. This hatred for men - misandry - has been seized upon by Marxists and promoted as healthy yet there will be very unhealthy - make that devastating - consequences.

The promotion of misandry and of feminist issues hasn't just empowered women it has demoralised Western men to the point of self-hatred. These self-hating "men" have sided with feminists and follow the lead of females having fallen hook, line and sinker for the Marxist "we're all equal" propaganda.

One could even go as far as saying that instead of making a better society by promoting a healthy respect and true equality between the sexes by reducing conflict, feminism has resulted in greater mistrust and hostility between the sexes and as men-haters like the demented Harriet Harman clearly demonstrate, it is a war to humiliate and discriminate against indigenous males to weaken them and empower women via numerous "positive discrimination" laws.

Let's not forget that these laws are in addition the "positive discrimination" laws forcing the equality of the races. Oh, and let's also not forget that those who hate us and seek to conquer and destroy us do not pass such laws in their own territories. Do you think that may be, perhaps, for a very good reason?

This Marxist promotion of feminism also encourages society to adopt feminine attitudes and traits such as equality, tolerance, compassion, understanding, peace, non-discrimination, non-judgemental, these are weak feminine traits that have now been adopted by weak males, many of whom adopt these traits to impress females, especially those who are Liberal-Multiculturalists and to my embarrassment I write from years of experience as a one time dyed-in-the-wool Liberal. I too swallowed this equality garbage lock, stock and barrel and honestly as I write this series of essays, I cannot believe I fell for it. I know I'm just one of millions who were brainwashed from childhood to accept the Multicultural ideology and although I had no idea of the ensuing very serious consequences, ignorance is no excuse and sadly, the majority of Westerners believe strongly in Multiculturalism.

Such is the astuteness and the cunning of our Marxist enemies.

The more feminine attitudes are adopted the weaker society becomes. Criminals are treated like children. Murderers, child abusers and drug pushers - utter scum - receive light punishments as their human rights are sacrosanct and must not be violated. The death penalty, abolished on the since oft-broken promise that a life sentence will mean life, is no longer an option, and our prisons now provide all home comforts for those who prey upon society and who have no mercy or compassion for their victims. And have you noticed how women are often portrayed in the media and in Hollywood as warriors and fighters who are as strong as men yet reality reveals a vastly different picture? Look at violent crime for example. Men will commit the vast majority of violent crimes, there are very few female armed robbers and gangs are dominated by males. Brutal, violent males at that.

Ridiculously, criminals even have the right to sue the Police if they think their rights have been violated as happened with one of the armed robbers arrested during the raid on the millennium dome. Crime is rife in our society, criminals are using the law to their own advantage and gang crime blights inner cities all because we lack the courage to severely punish criminals and this is another sign of how feminine traits such as compassion and pity weaken Western society.

Yet unlike myself and many other former Liberals, not once have I heard a prominent Liberal in society ever question their beliefs and say: The evidence is showing us that we're getting it badly wrong. Not once have I heard any of our leaders in the lib/lab/con admit that their Multicultural pursuit of equality between the races and the sexes is not working. None of them ever look further than the now and deploy a little bit of insight and warn of the dire consequences future generations are now destined to face. Not one. Instead, as always with the power mad self-serving elite, the reason things are going badly awry is because there simply isn't enough equality so the answer is more of the same: more legislation to punish the strong and artificially empower the weak, more propaganda and lies to support the childish Multicultural utopian fantasy piling yet more problems on top of existing ones.

When a society adopts a feminine perspective, it will smear masculine males as "racists", "thugs", "xenophobes" or "fascists", handicapping their own men who are competing with other races - packs - and who want to defend their pack from attack or defend their territory and resources from invaders who are determined to conquer and plunder them. This only serves to empower our enemies because it weakens the ability of the entire pack to defend itself and preserve its territory whilst empowering our enemies. Such self-destructive behaviour is akin to asking a boxer to fight with two hands tied behind his back. While his opponent wears head-guards and body pads, just in case.

Such stupidity is a complete denial of how nature works, it is a catastrophic undermining of the strong pack-leaders to handicap them from defending the entire pack and ensuring the safety and progression of the entire pack from predators who are competing AGAINST them. This is how life is, it is competitive and territory and the resources within it are absolutely essential. Those who refuse to defend their territory and protect their resources will not survive because other stronger and more determined enemies will attack and get what they can to ensure their own success in the fight for survival and the struggle to establish dominance in the harsh competition of life.

What feminists and their self-hating male sympathisers fail to grasp is that when the pack and its territory is threatened, it is the stronger sex, the male, who will have to fight and defend it. By propagating feminine attitudes throughout Western society, another quite alarming issue is now raised.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Equality of the races and equality between the sexes is being vigorously pursued by the ruling Marxist elite with an almost fanatical religious zeal. Anyone who dares to oppose this unnatural equality is smeared, de-humanised and criminalised. Equality can only be imposed by force and that means handicapping the strong.

Should any man reach down and find a pair and dare to criticise feminists they will be met with an hysterical outrage along with more smears and slurs: Haters, misogynist, male-chauvinist pig, bigot and "typical male", these of course in addition to all of the other insults hurled his way for wanting to preserve his identity and perform his natural role as provider and protector for his pack, these idiotic slurs along with the tired out brickbats trotted out by totalitarian Marxists to stifle debate, to silence opposition: Racist, Nazi, fascist, thug, Islamophobe. All as predictable as they are tiresome and bankrupt.

But there is a self-destructive consequence for a society that chooses to adopt weak feminine traits and perspectives and imposes an unnatural equality between the sexes and the races. In doing so, Liberal-Multiculturalists are making the white male a demon to all people, even to his own women, women who are so busy handicapping and dis-empowering their menfolk all they are doing is serving the interests of aliens who hate the entire West, who want to loot and pilfer the bounty created by the West and are busy going about occupying the territory of the West. And the women who are part of it are building the chains of their own oppression and bondage link by link and one day those they have sided with will force them to wear the chains they've constructed.

Blinded by their own desire to be the equal of the male and an arrogant belief that they possess an absolute and unquestionable moral justification, all these people can see is the here and now and they simply don't acknowledge that in the future, the utopian equal society they are busy building may have to face a very serious attack. Now obviously, if a society - a pack - is lead by women, then it is in serious trouble because women may well lead society but they will be wholly incapable of fighting for it and defending it.

That job, as history and other packs teach us, always falls to the stronger sex, the male. Now let me ask you a question:

If a male is brainwashed into believing that his forefathers were evil and guilty of oppressing weaker races; into believing that all races are equal and that because his nation and his people colonised other lands and stole their wealth his people must now atone; that his race is responsible for causing all of the conflicts and wars; that it is only right and proper for other races to share the abundant resources of his land and that his womenfolk are not just equal to him but are superior to him and actually hate him then is it possible that such a disgruntled male might ask:

Why on earth he should fight and defend his territory and his pack if such a society - his pack - holds him in such low esteem?

I mean, if you have no bond with your nation and your people, if you have no family because you've been divorced and punished punitively for committing the crime of marriage and if your society affords more rights and privileges for other pack animals and discriminates against you at every turn then maybe, just maybe, you will have as much desire to fight and defend your territory from attack as a Muslim has to co-exist in peace with the dirty kuffar.

The last sentence is very pertinent because there is something else I want to bring to your attention regarding how women are perceived by our enemies that feminists and their merry band of Liberal-Multiculturalists ignore at their peril.

To the fanatical jihad army of Islam, the women of kuffars in the lands of Dar al Harb are "war booty". This means that when a land is conquered into Dar al Islam, the kuffar women will be enslaved and used as sex-objects for their Islamic masters. Using dirty kuffar women as sex-slaves is an example personally set by the Islamic paedophile prophet Mohammed and it is an example that Muslims not only will follow should Great Britain become Al Britannia, Muslim jihadists are following it right now in many communities throughout the realm and indeed throughout Europe.

British women will then discover to their horror the consequences of their battle to establish equality between the sexes and that not all are sold on their fantasy of a rainbow Shangri-la where all are equal and where all live in peace and harmony. The evidence is there for them to see it but they prefer to turn a blind eye, yet all they have to do is open their eyes and look at the barbaric horrors endured by their sisters throughout Dar al Islam where rape, stoning, wife-beating, honour killings and mutilations aren't just common they are legal and where under Sharia law the life of a Muslim female is valued as half of that of a Muslim male and where women are afforded virtually zero rights in either marriage or divorce and many other inequalities I'm sure you could add.

But the point that needs to be made is: Whose civilisation is in decline and whose is in the ascendancy? One is very masculine, the other increasingly feminine. Take a wild guess as to which civilisation is going to prevail.

Eyes On The Prize

It isn't just Muslim jihadists who see women as spoils of war, as sexual objects to fulfil not just their own perverted sexual gratification but to humiliate white women and their menfolk. Gang rape of white women is now rife in the West, and along with Muslims following the example of their perverted prophet, gangs of black males delight in gang raping white women over and over again, a diabolical crime committed by blacks wherever they go, from the United States, to Britain and Europe but especially in South Africa where gang raping the poor victim in front of her husband, her parents or her children is common.

But the long tradition of men being the leaders and the protectors of the pack has been abandoned in white societies thanks to the advent of Marxism and feminism. Only the strong lead but now in white societies, women have been elevated to the equals of men and are competing to lead at every turn and Western men are allowing a feminisation of society and the establishing of women as equals and leaders.

Other societies and races do not allow women this prominence in their societies and this poses an interesting question: when whites become a minority in the West, will women enjoy the same freedom and equality the feminists have fought for and demanded whilst supporting the rights of a tsunami of immigrants flooding our lands?

Well if the evidence is anything to go by, they will timidly submit before their new masters. Take rape for example. Feminists become incandescent with rage and hatred for men who say that they raped a woman because she was dressed provocatively. They say a woman has the right to dress how she chooses without being raped by a lust-crazed sex-beast and of course, this is quite correct.

But when Muslim males rape dirty kuffar women in the lefty rainbow lunatic asylum of Sweden, these same feminists sided with the Muslims who cited the issue of provocative dress as the reason for their assault - al taqqiya of course - and so-called feminists advised Swedish women to dress in a less provocative fashion. And shamefully, whilst writing this essay, a woman from Amnesty International spoke out AGAINST a film depicting the horrific and barbaric stoning of women in Iran. This absolute washout of a woman who is supposed to be concerned about human rights was more interested in protecting the barbarian mullahtocracy of Iran and in true nauseating Liberal style whined "this film will not help".

What utter morally bankrupt cowards these weasels are! They won't even defend their own principles when other races and minorities trample all over them even to the cost of their sisters. This is what weak leadership based on feminine traits - compassion, non-judgemental, pity etc. - is all about and it will lead women into a very real horrific nightmare.

It is this weak leadership that continually makes excuses to tolerate the abuse of women by hate-filled aliens who commit these crimes, the very people feminists warmly welcomed into the West. Yet it has been these same feminists who have been blaming their own menfolk for oppressing them, for enslaving them in marriages, for abusing and raping them, for denying them opportunity. It is feminists who have continually competed for and demanded equality, who, egged on by Marxists who filled them with resentment for the traditional roles of mother and home-maker, who painted family life as a prison, and who demanded an end to "gender apartheid", another Marxist false construct to denote victim-hood.

What needs to be realised - and quick - is that we're not here to have a competition to see which sex is the better, the stronger, the more intelligent, the more independent. We're here to compete and survive in the game of life and those who play by Mother nature's rules will flourish and those who do not will perish and at this moment in time the West is engaging in an artificial pursuit of racial and sexual equality whilst subjugating itself before enemies who are instead engaging with reality. The message we're sending is loud and clear: We are ripe for the taking and our enemies know it.

Poisoned Minds

Another symptom of the feminisation of Britain is the lamentable fact that we do not make anything any more. Thriving industries that made Britain strong and independent - mining, shipbuilding, engineering etc. - have all been absolutely decimated along with the communities who provided the labour. Nowadays, more and more men are employed in "unisex" jobs, especially as civil servants, the pen pushers who serve the growing and parasitical state Titan as wealth distributors helping it to destroy our nation. These are the men who are now performing a variety of unnecessary government jobs that regulate and interfere with the daily lives of people, robbing them of their hard-earned wealth and their even harder won freedoms.

This while our armed services have been cut-down to the bare bones yet which is better? Employing an army of bureaucrats who weaken the nation or an army of soldiers who can protect and defend the nation? In 21st Century Britain, there are too many people doing things we simply do not need and that contribute little of worth to our society and not enough people doing things we desperately need to make our nation self-sufficient, strong and able to protect and support its people.

It's all happened because of a concerted attack by Marxists on the very foundations of our once strong society. Fuelled by a seething hatred for success, Marxists have been tearing down the standards behaviours and morals that lead to success to weaken our once strong society all performed with relish by people who hate success because they are incapable of contributing anything of worth to society. So they maliciously ruin everything that contributes to a successful life and they've done it by promoting failed practices as healthy throughout the print and broadcast media: Promiscuity, equality, hatred for religion especially Christianity, and self-indulgence including binge drinking and drug abuse. They have force-fed their Multicultural propaganda with its equality of the sexes, equality of races and equality of cultures down the throats of the British people at every level of our society including the schools educating our children. Sorry, my mistake, make that "brainwashing our children".

For women, this has meant the trashing and demeaning of one of the most precious roles in nature: That of mother. Women have been made to feel that they are victims because of their natural role as child-bearer. Marriage too has been portrayed as female oppression and work and independence - including sexual freedom - have now been assigned far greater importance. Feminists have blamed men for their oppression yet it seems to me that feminists are in fact battling against nature.

In 21st Century Britain, if a woman doesn't want her child she can abort it. If she tires of her marriage she can end it and even if marital breakdown is caused by a straying wife, the legal system will still side with her and award her custody of children along with half of her husband's wealth. Should a woman want a child, she can even have one without having met the father, knowing full well the state will provide for all of the family needs.

A Liberal attitude to sex, where immediate pleasure and gratification are the overriding priorities and damn the long-term consequences has been unashamedly promoted. But it isn't as liberal as suggested. It has all been deliberately designed to trash the sanctity of marriage, the honour of woman, the respect between husband and wife to ruin the quiet, contented and vitally important bond between a man and woman and the raising of children in the security of family life.

Marxists have filled people with petty jealousies and even rancour for the opposite sex by making them believe they are missing out, that they are being trapped, that married life and family life robs them of precious life time. Along with the rest of the issues raised in this series, the promotion of behaviours that lead to failure have all been maliciously calculated to destroy the white race by portraying successful lifestyle choices as harmful and flawed lifestyle choices as desirable thus leading to a catastrophic and probably irrecoverable decline in the birth-rate of the race.

Along with the feminisation of males and the elevation of women to pack leaders whilst other males in other races continue to be raised with masculine, aggressive and dominant attitudes, Great Britain, a nation that created the greatest Empire in human history, has sewed the seeds of its own destruction and its conquest is a very real prospect that the latest generations of Britons could well witness in just 50 years.


Weak feminine leaders are not respected, certainly not in nature by any dominant pack animal. The feminisation of Western societies has lead to men adopting feminine traits and attitudes such as compassion, pity, non-judgemental and more emotional. It has been noticed by our enemies who know that Liberals and Multiculturalists are weak, faint-hearted and war-averse. They hear the anti-war, "let's all live in peace as equals" rhetoric, they know that the West will not put the interests of its own people before alien invaders and they know a simple truth:

These lily-livered cowards are the dominant demographic in Western society. They know feminised males in the West are too cowardly to compete with other races who are chomping at the bit to pilfer and destroy the West and who are exploiting the cowardice of the West to the max.

The West is now acting in a way that is removed from reality: that life is all about survival and working against the balance of nature is placing our long term survival under threat because we are failing to recognise the competitive nature between and among species. The more territory you hold, the greater resources you control and the greater you increase your chances of survival. The more you weaken and reduce the competition the better. It is all about territory and failing to dominate and protect your territory isn't just catastrophic, it's suicidal.

We are in a competition for territory yet because of the imposing of weak feminine attitudes on Western society, we are meekly surrendering our territory to invaders who seek to become conquerors and masters to further the interests of their own tribes. They have no problem in using our tolerance against us to further their aims and if we ever do try to defend what is rightfully ours, they too will dehumanise us as racists, fascists etc. knowing full well that many of our own will side with them - i.e. collaborate with the enemy - to help them strengthen their foothold in the West. It is very difficult to fight and defend your territory when your own pack is fighting against you and helping invaders to settle in your territory.

Take a look at the societies of two of our enemies, the host societies of the parasitical alien packs invading our nation, particularly Africa and the Middle East. See with your own eyes what Africans are doing to whites and see the harsh and decidedly unequal reality of how Islamic countries truly are behind the "Religion of Peace" veil. And check out the birth rates there and if you can, have a search for equality and Multiculturalism.

Mother nature is doing her very best to tell us: "All are not equal, only the strong survive, defend your territory or perish. Heed well my warning."

Source: Green Arrow, via I Luv SA

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Shockadelic said...

Muslims: Very masculine (that's good), bash their wives (that's bad).
White men: Too feminine to bash their wives (is that good or bad?).

Feminists: Hate and demean men (that's bad).
Gays: Love and admire men (that's also bad).

And I thought the loony left were confused.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Quite broad generalisations there Shockadelic.

Not htat I don't agree there is much confusion in many ideologies (my interpretation), but your generalities are not shared by those you say they are.

For example: I dont think all 'gays' love and admire men. In the same way as some women become lesbians, as a result of bad experiences with men; much oftheir lesbianism is based on a choice of what they consider evils, hate for men, as opposed to a positive love for women. Same with some gay men; who hate women, so much they opt for sexual experiences with men; but it is not because they love and admire men.

There is a choice to love someone, because of whom they personally are, their character, their sense of humour, thier personality, when the primary choices of loving someone are about the persons values and character, and to love them with their faults and to grow with them... but choosing to 'love' a 'man' purely as a statement to women, as opposed to choose one person, whose character and personality is in your mind beautiful; and to love htem, for who they are..

At least that is what i think..

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