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Friday, September 11, 2009

Titans to Lemmings: Suicide of White Race: I: Selected for Extinction

If you are a Doubtful Rainbow Illusion Whitey, who is clueless about how immigration and emigration issues are an ecological overshoot resource war symptom -- like much of crime, unemployment, terrorism, etc. -- of overpopulation colliding with scarce or depleting resources.
The massive overpopulation taking place in the non-White world will cause increasing waves of non-White immigration into the modern White heartlands of North America, Europe and Australia. This graph shows the disparity between White and non-White population growths, based on United Nations figures. Note the codeword for the White nations ("developed countries"), compared to the non-White world ("total world population").
You don't realise the consequence of liberal Immigration Policies:
By 1994, most European Union member states had an average 10 - 15 per cent non-White population, with this figure effectively doubling every fifteen years. This will mean that, unless current immigration trends are halted, all of Western Europe will have a non-White majority population by the year 2090 at the latest, and possibly earlier. These statistics are from the EU's own official records, Eurostat, in Belgium.
... You may wish to take Red Pill.....

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Titans to Lemmings: Suicide of White Race

By Reconquista

  1. Selected For Extinction
  2. Halting The Tide
  3. Walking The Wheel
  4. Slaying David, Crippling Britannia
  5. Galloping Headstrong To Bondage
  6. Behind The Smiling Rainbow Mask

1. Selected For Extinction

Recently, British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin made a statement describing the plight of the indigenous British people. It was short and to the point:

"What is happening in Britain is a bloodless genocide."

For once in his political life, this astute politician is mistaken. What is happening in Britain today is indeed a genocide but it is far from bloodless and this blood-thirsty genocide is superbly described in the BNP's "Racism Cuts Both Ways" pamphlet which provides strong evidence that whites are by far the most likely to be victims of racial hatred. As aliens from all around the world continue to flood into Great Britain, racial violence against the indigenous British people continues to escalate.

And let's not forget please, the 6 million + aborted babies who have been denied life in Britain since 1967.

As more and more unwanted immigrants pour into our land, the British way of life changes. Communities built up over hundreds of years and who were never consulted about the invasion of their land are changed irreversibly. A once advanced society is diluted as immigrants from third-world lands bring their retarded religions, superstitions, hatreds and traditions into Britain whilst demanding the indigenous British pay them for the privilege of living in a land they are deliberately changing and destroying without a care.

Should any Briton speak out about this colonisation of their homeland, they are vilified and demonised as "racists". It is an effective control weapon that cowers the majority of native Britons into meekly and silently accepting the destruction of their nation.

But Great Britain isn't the only nation to be suffering this fate. Australia, a land where it was once so difficult to emigrate to, has opened its borders to Asians and Arabs. The United States is being flooded by Mexican immigrants and of course also has enormous problems with its restless Black community who demand more and more whilst giving less and less and who have recently demonstrated that their allegiance is to their own kind with 95% of blacks voting for Barack Obama. Cries of "Racists!" curiously absent. Strikingly, 65% of white Americans voted for Obama too.

Meanwhile, Europe continues to be flooded by immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Balkans and a once mighty continent is now collapsing.

Rhodesia and South Africa, nations that thrived and became First World countries under white rule have now become third-world hell-holes where whites have been murdered in their thousands, are repeatedly discriminated against and whose lands are unceremoniously stolen from them under the falsity of "entitlement" leading to white exodus. And unsurprisingly, black-on-black violence is also rife under black rule with millions of blacks being abused and slaughtered by their own people across the dark continent. Unsurprising that is to those who know the turbulent, violent, tribal history of Africa.

Whilst Africans flood to Europe seeking a better life and to grab as many free and generous handouts as Europeans will give them without giving much - if anything - in return, black Africans are making it clear that whites are despised and are not welcome in the lands of Africa the industrious whites made prosperous and cultivated to feed not just the colonies but the whole of Africa.

And as black rule leads to disarray in African nations, the white race continues to send aid and money via a multitude of self-perpetuating charities, aid that just papers over the deep cracks and only serves to keep the suffering and the violence ongoing. A superficial band-aid that does little to heal the ever-festering lesions inherent in African tribal cultures.

Little Israel, the sole homeland for the Jewish people and the only democracy in the Middle East, is deceptively portrayed as a "Nazi" state, with the world through the viper's nest of The UN demanding it surrender more and more of its own territory. Territory that will be used to launch murderous attacks against innocent Israeli citizens, attacks that will not cease until Israel is "wiped from the face of the earth" as is the stated goal of the Iranian mullahtocracy.

Add to this the fact that the white race isn't breeding sufficiently enough to ensure it reproduces itself and it is abundantly clear that what is happening in the world now - and has been happening for at least fifty years - amounts to a holocaust against western civilisation and the two peoples who advanced humanity more than any other: The Whites and the Jews.

But the core of the problem isn't hatred or hostility from other competing and less advanced races. The core of the problem is that the white race is committing suicide because it is collectively refusing to play by nature's rules. It is my contention that the white race has wilfully descended into a fantasy world, a surreal world dominated by illusion, ignorance and insanity. The current generations of whites are the first generations in western history to choose devolution over evolution and therefore, Mother nature has selected this race for extinction, possibly in as little as 100 years.

So how can a race that created the greatest and most advanced societies in human history, societies that held the highest hope for the whole of mankind, reach a point where its future survival is now threatened? It is a question I have spent much time considering and I will attempt to offer some possible answers in this series of essays.

For The Love Of God

The influence played by the Judeo-Christian religions in building Western civilisation is enormous. Duty to God, the nuclear family as the bedrock of society, the importance of community, strong moral codes, ethics and values and rule of law based on the ten commandments and the teachings and examples contained in the Old and New Testaments laid the rock-solid foundations upon which the mighty West was built.

In Britain today, Christianity is now in its death throes. Priests deliver the message of Christ "the Prince of Peace" to half empty churches, churches that have yet to be converted into Mosques that is, a lamentable fate shared by churches across the length and breadth of Britain. Christian worship and church attendance, once a vital hub of community life, is now no longer an important part of British life, and it is difficult to see a reverse to a decline that began with the end of the Second World War and continues apace today.

Contrast this with how Mosques in Britain are at the fulcrum of Muslim communities.

The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche predicted that Christianity would be abandoned in the 20th Century. But he made a very insightful analysis that I believe highlights a very serious flaw with the white race and offers a first possible answer to our question.

Nietzsche realised that Judeo-Christian religions contained an inversion of morality. He correctly stated that these religions assert that it is moral to be weak, persecuted, oppressed, wretched. Only the poor, the meek, the sick and the exploited can be pious and blessed by God. Conversely, to be strong, powerful, to assert superiority, to be noble, to be wealthy, is to be immoral and is to be damned by the almighty for eternity.

For this inversion of morality, Nietzsche labelled Christianity as "A religion of pity". It is an assessment that has proven to have more repercussions than this gifted scholar ever thought. A perceptive genius so hated by the church it black-labelled him as a heretic.

What is so prescient today about Nietzsche's analysis is that he predicted that religion - Christianity - would be abandoned en masse in the 20th Century but that people would still cling to the inversion of morality, that the strong and the powerful are evil and that people who are not strong and powerful are victims, and therefore, they and they alone are the just and the good.

It is a very serious weakness and since the Second World War, this weakness has been exploited to the full by the enemies who are destroying the west: Marxists/Socialists, Globalists and Islam.

A New Religion

Since the end of the Second World War, western societies have suicidally opened their borders to mass immigration from the third world. For Britain, millions of aliens from Africa, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, The Far East and the Caribbean have swarmed into the nation and are changing Great Britain for the worse and irreversibly so.

It has happened because of the rise of a new religion created by Marxists: Liberalism and its holy trinity: Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and Tolerance. This religion preaches the gospel of equality. They insist that all races are equal, the sexes are equal, all cultures are equal, and that the powerful west is evil because it has oppressed and persecuted the poor and the weak of the world throughout its ignoble history. The evil imperial west invaded foreign lands, murdering, raping and looting as it went, enslaving other races and stealing their natural resources for its own greed and gain.

It's a gross distortion of the reality of western history but this is the crux of how Marxists are destroying the west. They are deploying the very same inversion of morality identified by Nietzsche, by laying a guilt trip on the entire white race, and demonising this race as a strong, powerful, EVIL race because it only became powerful by oppressing and exploiting weaker races.

This demonisation of whites as being powerful and evil and non-whites, especially the African black, as being weak and a victim isn't solely restricted to other races as you'll now see.

Badge Of Honour

The Marxist tactic of portraying almost all other racial groups as victims of the powerful, evil whites has been enormously successful in shaping the nightmare of modern-day, multicultural Britain. The doctrine of Multiculturalism and racial equality tolerates no opposition and just as those who questioned the existence of God and Christian dogma were smeared as heretics throughout the history of Christianity, so too does the new religion of Liberalism have its heretics. Should anyone dare question racial equality or oppose immigration and multiculturalism, they are vilified as "racists", one of the most powerful of Orwellian thought control weapons and one of the worst "sins" any native white Briton can commit.

Those who do possess the temerity and the courage to question the multicultural dogma will find themselves before the new devout inquisitors, the fanatical and pious white-hating clerics of the Race Relations and Human Rights NGO's so rife in the west but conspicuous by their absence in Africa and the Middle East.

But the Marxist zealots also realised that portraying other races as the poor, oppressed, innocent victims of the evil white race was a successful tactic that could be used to further create their just and fair society of equality by creating more victims within many other minority groups throughout society. For example:

Homosexuality is no different to heterosexuality and homosexuals have been unfairly discriminated against and persecuted by evil, homophobic whites. All sexuality is equal and to discriminate against somebody because of their sexuality is evil.

Women have been dreadfully exploited and oppressed by powerful, evil white men who have abused them and treated them as second-class citizens. Wives have been relegated to inferior beings and disgracefully treated as serfs and sex objects who must obey their lust-crazed, misogynist husbands.

Criminals are the victims of an oppressive, unjust and divisive society. The wealthy and the privileged classes impose social injustice upon these wretched people, abandoning them, leaving them with nothing to do, no hope for the future so the only option they have is to turn to crime in frustration.

The evil capitalist West has been spewing out poison and consuming all of the earth's precious resources. The powerful, industrialised west has been destroying the environment, contaminating and polluting the earth's atmosphere and changing the climate. They've stolen the precious natural resources of poorer, weaker nations without a care for the irreversible damage they were causing and these wicked people will destroy our precious, but fragile planet.

The greedy, avaricious Jews are controlling the world, they own all the world's banks and they control all of the film industry and the media. They are destroying the entire world because of their insatiable greed and hatred for all other races because they believe they are God's chosen people.

Muslim terrorist attacks on the west are entirely the fault of the warmongering west. They've always been massacring Muslims, they slaughtered them during the crusades and the Muslims still feel anger about that and rightly so. Now we're slaughtering them again because powerful, Christian neo-conservatives and Zionist rich American Jews want to make more and more money from war and steal the Arab's oil.

Israel is an evil, terrorist, Nazi state that has no right to exist. All of the world's problems are caused by this wicked nation. The Jews had no right to kick the Palestinians out of their homeland and the Nazi Jews have been committing a holocaust on these poor people ever since.

All wars are the fault of white people. Europeans especially, and their states must be destroyed so Europeans don't kill each other for nothing ever again. If this doesn't happen, the Nazis will rise up again all over Europe and more wars and atrocities will be committed. The only way to prevent this is to create a single, multicultural Europe where all people are equal and all nations are dependent on each other.

Children have been brainwashed and oppressed by evil western ideologies that force them to discriminate based on evil concepts such as sex, sexuality, family status, competitive sport and ability. These evil and divisive judgements stifle, confuse and upset the child and it must be stopped because all children are equal.

Blaming other races for raping white women is racism. These women dress in a way that is provocative and offensive to other races and if western women get raped by confused ethnic minorities well, they have only themselves to blame and they should dress in a more modest and respectful manner.

Demanding that immigrants who want to live in the west should adopt western cultures and our way of life is racist. Their culture is important and equal to ours and instead of denying these people their right to their culture, we should be more tolerant of their culture by integrating their culture with our own so it enriches western society.

Apartheid is one of the most evil things to have ever happened. What the whites did to the poor black people in their own homeland was despicable. Greedy whites have no right to be in Africa and everything that the whites have stolen should be given back to the native Africans because Africa is their land and they are entitled to everything in it.

OK, I could go on - and on, and on - like this but what I am trying to do is illustrate how morality is being inverted to create a culture of victim hood. This is exactly what Nietzsche predicted, that the strong, the noble and the powerful will always be portrayed as wicked and evil, and those who are the victims will be portrayed as the just and the good. Instead of maintaining the best parts of the Judeo-Christian faith that made Great Britain so strong, the white race has ditched them and maintained the worst parts, the moral inversions of victim hood and pity as virtuous. And look at Britain now, just look at Britain now.

Play By The Rules

What is happening now throughout the west can be accurately summed up as "The Tyranny of the Minorities." Because to be in a minority group is to be a victim and to be a victim is to be just and good and it is these groups that are dictating morality to the rest of society. In other words, the weak are leading the strong.

There is just one major problem with this: It is wholly out of tune with the laws that Mother nature requires all life on planet earth to be subject to, laws that Charles Darwin diligently explained. Natural selection is nature's way of ensuring the survival of species. Any species that does not adhere to the rules of nature will be selected for extinction. That is the harsh reality of life on this planet, a harsh reality the west is trying to avoid by conforming to sugar-sweet but ultimately destructive childish fantasies.

In doing so, and it has been doing so for the last fifty years, the white race has decided to fly in the face of Mother nature and there will only be one winner, as always. No race, no species on planet earth can fight Mother nature and win and if it tries to it will not survive.

Every species has to act in a way that ensures its own survival and it does so by putting its own interests first. Human beings are pack animals - and by far the most dominant of pack animals - and in the animal world, pack animals have a strict "pecking order" that puts the strongest as leaders. Leaders bring order to the pack and they also protect the pack from outside threats. They do not, ever, put the interests of another species first and in fact, they will not even put the interests of another pack from its own species before the interests of their own pack.

Can you imagine for example, a lion abandoning all of the behaviours that have ensured its survival and made it one of the most dominant predators in the animal world because it starts to feel pity towards say, another pack of lions? Instead of sharing the kill with its own pack, the lion invites another pack of lions to eat the kill first because he knows they're not as good at hunting zebra as his pack are. Can you imagine the lion then feeling pity for the zebra and convincing his pack they should turn vegetarian because they are exploiting weaker animals who deserve to share the abundance of the plain as its only fair? Perhaps the lion then decides that cheetahs, leopards and wildcats should join the pack and have equal mating rights with the lionesses because "all cats are equal, and to discriminate between cats is catism and I'll exclude any lion from this pack who refuses to treat all cats equally"?

It's an insane scenario isn't it?
It's insane because even animals instinctively know that placing the interests of others before their own will destroy them. Yet the white race is now doing exactly what dominant pack animals are not - INCLUDING THOSE FROM OTHER HUMAN RACES - because it has collectively embraced the pity-for-victim inversion of morality that means the strong and powerful are evil and the victims are the just and the good precisely as identified by Nietzsche. What kind of mad species puts the interests of other species - that's the plural form by the way - before its own?

A soon to be extinct terminally dumb one. And the white race IS dying precisely because of this insane behaviour. Other pack animals from the human race know this and they are now prosecuting the genocide of the white race without any sense of pity by colonising the west and demanding the west put the interests of the colonisers before the interests of its own people. At the same time, they are making it clear that the white man is not welcome in their lands. That the west WILLINGLY complies with all of this is absolute suicidal madness without question.

Take a very good look at the world. Look at the Middle East - do you see Multiculturalism in Islamic countries? How about in the countries of the Far East? Do you see Multiculturalism in China, Japan, Vietnam, North and South Korea? How about setting up An African Union and telling all African nations that the world is now multicultural, that all African nation states are to be dismantled and a single Africa under the banner of the AU will be created. Better not forget to inform them that the AU wants to accept millions and millions of immigrants from all over the world into Africa as it's "good for the African economy".

Then whites can tell them how evil the black man has been, how oppressive he has been, how abusive he has been and how African tribal culture is evil and "racist" and then demand that he share half of everything in his homeland to make immigrants feel welcome because we're all equal.

You tell me - how do you think this would be received? If you need a clue, ask the remaining Boers in South Africa - while they're still alive.

This is the insanity of western nations. Because if only one race - in this case, the white race - plays the multicultural game while all other races maintain their identities and nation states then this isn't multiculturalism it is mass suicide on the one hand and pitiless genocide on the other. And as with all genocides, it most certainly isn't bloodless. And IT WILL get worse unless the white race regains its sanity - and it had better regain it damn quickly.

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Hannelie said...

What a good piece of insight..wish we could post it everywhere...Especially where all Boers in Southern Africa can see it..

Good to know there are still humans out there with logic! ♥

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Hannelie,

Yes the writer has a way with words, doesn't he?

I also wish more people could read it and wake up...

On the issue of logic, there is an interesting theory... that goes that those who are best at deceiving themselves, generally survive over those who are the logical realists..

Anyway, I haven't done a bit mind thought study about it.. but i did find it rather disturbing, if true.
Perhaps thats why I am somewhat avoiding it, cause if i did do more research and find it true... thats a lump of shit sandwich! ;-)


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